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Number Theory

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Algebraic Number Theory[13] Analytic Number Theory[3] Galois Theory[7]
p-adic numbers[1] Sieve Theory[1]

Arithmetic Duality Theorems
Author: J. S. Milne  Language:
In the late fifties and early sixties, Tate (and Poitou) found some important duality theorems concerning the Galois cohomology of finite modules and abelian varieties over local and global fields. Ab . . . . .
Elementary Number Theory
Author: William Stein  Language:
Elementary Number Theory This is a textbook about prime numbers, congruences, basic public-key cryptography, quadratic reciprocity, continued fractions, elliptic curves, and number theory algorithms. We assume the reader has . . . . .
Topics in the Theory of Quadratic Residues
Author: Steve Wright  Language:
Number theory as a coherent mathematical subject started with the work of Fermat in the decade from 1630 to 1640, but modern number theory, that is, the systematic and mathematically rigorous developm . . . . .
Analysis and dynamics on the Berkovich projective line
Author: Robert Rumely, Matthew Baker  Language:
This is a set of expanded lecture notes from the Berkovich Space seminar held at the University of Georgia during Spring, 2004. The purpose of the notes is to provide a non-technical introduction to B . . . . .
Free Elementary Number Theory textbook
Author: W. Edwin Clark  Language:
Contents: Basic Axioms for Z; proof by induction; elementary divisibility properties; The floor and ceiling of a real number; The division algorithm; greatest common divisor; the eucledian algorithm; . . . . .
An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers
Author: Leo Moser  Language:
An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers This book, which presupposes familiarity only with the most elementary concepts of arithmetic (divisibility properties, greatest common divisor, etc.), is an expanded version of a series of lectures f . . . . .
Introduction to Number Theory
Author: Ramakrishnan  Language:
Contents: Basic Notions; Heuristics on Primes; More on divisibility and Primes; Pythagorean Triples; Linear Equations; Congruences; Linear Equations mod m; Euler’s phi-function; 9Linear congruences re . . . . .
The Theory of Numbers
Author: Robert D. Carmichael  Language:
Contents: Elementary Properties of Integers; On the indicator of an integer; Elementary properties of congruences; The theorems of Fermat and Wilson; Primitive roots modulo m; Other topics.
Introduction aux formes modulaire de Hilbert
Author: Federico Pellarin  Language:
An elementary introduction to Hilbert modular forms, with a particular attention to their differential properties: Rankin-Cohen brakets, structure of differential rings... This text will appear in SMF . . . . .
Elementary Number Theory
Author: Michael Filaseta  Language:
Class notes can also be obtained in postscript form below. These notes are from a course taught by Michael Filaseta in the Fall of 1997 and may not reflect the current semesters material.
Exercizes with solutions on elementary number theory
Author: Nigel Byott  Language:
Exercizes with solutions on elementary number theory.
Trascendental number theory
Author: Filaseta  Language:
Contents: Introduction; The Irrationality of Pi and Various Trigonometric Values; The Irrationality of log 2 (the natural logarithm); The Irrationality of Zeta(3); The Beginnings of Transcendental Nu . . . . .
Combinatorial Number Theory
Author: Akos Magyar  Language:
Contents: Roth\' Theorem; Freiman\'s theorem and the circle method; Four term arithmetic progressions; Progressions among the primes.
La conjecture de Sato-Tate
Author: Michael Harris  Language:
Table de matieres; remière semaine: Equidistribution (d'après Serre), modularité potentielle; Deuxième semaine: Formes automorphes sur GL(2), GL(n) et groupes unitaires; L'anneau des déformation . . . . .

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