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Information Theory

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Quantum Information Theory[2]

Petri Nets - Manufacturing and Computer Science
Author: Editor: Pawel Pawlewski  Language:
Petri Nets were introduced in the doctoral dissertation by K.A. Petri, titled "Kommunikation mit Automaten" and published in 1962 by University of Bonn. Petri Nets are graphical (the intuiti . . . . .
Algorithmic Information Theory
Author: G J Chaitin  Language:
Algorithmic Information Theory Chaitin, the inventor of algorithmic information theory, presents in this book the strongest possible version of Gödel\'s incompleteness theorem, using an information theoretic approach based on the s . . . . .
Information Theory and Statistical Physics - Lecture Notes
Author: Neri Merhav  Language:
Abstract: This document consists of lecture notes for a graduate course, which focuses on the relations between Information Theory and Statistical Physics. The course is aimed at EE graduate students . . . . .
Information and Entropy
Author: Paul Penfield, Jr.  Language:
These notes, and the related freshman-level course, are about information. Although you may have a general idea of what information is, you may not realize that the information you deal with can be qu . . . . .
A tutorial introduction to the minimum description length principle
Author: Peter Grunwald  Language:
This tutorial provides an overview of and introduction to Rissanen's Minimum Description Length (MDL) Principle. The first chapter provides a conceptual, entirely non-technical introduction to the sub . . . . .
Information, complexity, brains and reality (Kolmogorov Manifesto)
Author: Giulio Ruffini  Language:
I discuss several aspects of information theory and its relationship to physics and neuroscience. The unifying thread of this somewhat chaotic essay is the concept of Kolmogorov or algorithmic complex . . . . .
The Physics of Information
Author: F. Alexander Bais, J. Doyne Farmer  Language:
We review of the interface between (theoretical) physics and information for non-experts. The origin of information as related to the notion of entropy is described, first in the context of thermodyna . . . . .
A Short Course in Information Theory
Author: David J.C. MacKay  Language:
Is it possible to communicate reliably from one point to another if we only have a noisy communication channel? How can the information content of a random variable be measured? This course will discu . . . . .
Generalized Information Measures and Their Applications
Author: Inder Jeet Taneja, Ph. D.   Language:
Contents: Introduction; Shannon's Entropy; Information and Divergence Measures; Entropy-Type Measures; Generalized Information and Divergence Measures; M-Dimensional Divergence Measures and Their Gen . . . . .

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