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Dynamical Systems

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Bifurcation theory[1] Chaos Theory[8] Dynamical billiards[2]
Ergodic Theory[1]

Dynamical Systems
Author: George D. Birkhoff  Language:
Dynamical Systems Contents: Physical aspects of dynamical systems; Variational principles and applications; Formal aspects of dynamics; Stability of periodic motions; Existence of periodic motions; Application of P . . . . .
Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
Author: Gerald Teschl  Language:
This manuscript provides an introduction to ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems. We start with some simple examples of explicitly solvable equations. Then we prove the fundamental re . . . . .
Dynamical systems
Author: Shlomo Sternberg  Language:
Contents: Iterations and fixed points; Bifurcations; Conjugacy; Space and time averages; The contraction fixed point theorem; Hutchinson’s theorem and fractal images; Hyperbolicity; Sy . . . . .
These notes study the dynamics of iterated holomorphic mappings
Author: J. Milnor  Language:
These notes study the dynamics of iterated holomorphic mappings from a Riemann surface to itself, concentrating on the classical case of rational maps of the Riemann sphere. They are based on introduc . . . . .
Monotone Dynamical Systems
Author: M.W. Hirsch; Hal Smith  Language:
Contents: Strongly Order-Preserving Semi ows; Generic Convergence and Stability; Ordinary Di erential Equations; Delay Di erential Equations; Monotone Maps; Semilinear Parabolic Equations;
Dynamical Systems
Author: Oliver Knill  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Feigenbaum: maps in one dimensions; Henon: maps in two dimensions; Hilbert: Differential equations in two dimensions; Lorentz: ODEs in higher dimensions; Birkhof: billiards; He . . . . .
Ergodic optimization, zero temperature limits and the max-plus algebra
Author: A. T. Baraviera, R. Leplaideur, A. O. Lopes  Language:
Lecture notes of a course at the Brazilian Mathematical Colloquium. We review some basic notions in ergodic theory and thermodynamic formalism, as well as introductory results in the context of max-pl . . . . .
An Introduction To Small Divisors
Author: S. Marmi  Language:
This is an introduction to small divisors problems. The material treated in this book was brought together for a PhD course I tought at the University of Pisa in the spring of 1999. Here is a Table of . . . . .
Lectures on Mechanics, Dynamics, and Symmetry
Author: Professor Jerrold E. Marsden  Language:
Contens: Reduction for Mechanical Systems with Symmetry; Stability, Underwater Vehicle Dynamics and Phases; Systems with Rolling Constraints and Locomotion; Optimal Control and Stabilization of Balanc . . . . .
The Lyapunov Characteristic Exponents and their computation Authors:
Author: Charalampos Skokos   Language:
We present a survey of the theory of the Lyapunov Characteristic Exponents (LCEs) for dynamical systems, as well as of the numerical techniques developed for the computation of the maximal, of few . . . . .
Around the boundary of complex dynamics
Author: Roland K. W. Roeder  Language:
We introduce the exciting field of complex dynamics at an undergraduate level while reviewing, reinforcing, and extending the ideas learned in an typical first course on complex analysis. Julia sets a . . . . .
From Deterministic Chaos to Deterministic Diffusion
Author: R. Klages (Queen Mary, University of London)  Language:
This is a set of easy-to-read lecture notes for a short first-year Ph.D. student course on Applied Dynamical Systems, which was given at the London Taught Course Centre in Spring 2008. The notes cover . . . . .
Sistemi dinamici
Author: Prof. Emiliani  Language:
Un libro molto ben fatto e chiaro sui Sistemi Dinamici, vengono trattati sistemni lineari,sistemi a vari gradi di libertà, integrabili non, equazioni differenziali dipendenti dal tempo, caos.
Introduzione ai sistemi dinamici
Author: Guido Gentile  Language:
Un libro di 394 pagine tratta di: equazioni differenziali lineari, analisi qualitativa e alcune applicazioni, sistemi dinamici.
Perturbation theory of dynamical systems
Author: Nils Berglund  Language:
This text is a slightly edited version of lecture notes for a course given at ETH, during the Summer term 2001, to undergraduate Mathematics and Physics students. It covers a few selected topics from . . . . .
Geometrical theory of dynamical systems
Author: Nils Berglund  Language:
This text is a slightly edited version of lecture notes for a course given at ETH, during the Winter term 2000-2001, to undergraduate Mathematics and Physics students.Contents:Chapter 1 - Examples of . . . . .
Dynamical Systems and Fractals Lecture Notes
Author: David J. Wright  Language:
Contents: Introduction to Dynamical Systems; Computational aids; L-systems; Tilings as Dynamical Systems; Dynamical Systems and Fractal Basics; Iterated Function Systems; Interval Self-mappings; Compl . . . . .
Nonlinear Dynamics
Author: Marc R. Roussel  Language:
Contents: Definition and examples of dynamical systems; Introduction to phase-plane analysis; Stability analysis for ODEs; Introduction to bifurcations; Bifurcation analysis using AUTO; Invariant mani . . . . .

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