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Group Theory

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Coxeter groups[1] Lie Groups[11] Quantum Group Theory[2]

Group Theory
Author: Predrag Cvitanovi´c  Language:
Group Theory Contents: Introduction; A preview; Invariants and reducibility; Diagrammatic notation; Recouplings; Permutations; Casimir operators; Group integrals; Unitary groups; Orthogonal groups; Spinors; Symple . . . . .
Mathematics of the Rubik's cube
Author: Prof. W. D. Joyner  Language:
Groups measure symmetry. No where is this more evident than in the study of symmetry in 2- and 3-dimensional geometric figures. Symmetry, and hence groups, play a key role in the study of crystallogra . . . . .
The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups, Number 2
Author: Daniel Gorenstein, Richard Lyons, and Ronald Solomon  Language:
The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups, Number 2 The Classification Theorem is one of the main achievements of 20th century mathematics, but its proof has not yet been completely extricated from the journal literature in which it first appeared. Thi . . . . .
Lectures on Topics In The Theory of Infinite Groups
Author: B.H. Neumann  Language:
As the title of this course of lectures suggests, my aim was not a systematic treatment of infinite groups. Instead I have tried to present some of the methods and results that are new and look promis . . . . .
Finite Group Representations for the Pure Mathematician
Author: Peter Webb  Language:
Contents: Representations 1 Representation, Maschke’s theorem and semisimplicity 2 The structure of algebras for which every module is semisimple 3 Characters 4 The construction of modules and cha . . . . .
Groups as graphs
Author: W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, Florentin Smarandache  Language:
Groups as graphs For the first time, every finite group is represented in the form of a graph in this book. This study is significant because properties of groups can be immediately obtained by looking at the graphs o . . . . .
The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups
Author: Daniel Gorenstein, Richard Lyons, and Ronald Solomon  Language:
The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups The classification of the finite simple groups is one of the major feats of contemporary mathematical research, but its proof has never been completely extricated from the journal literature in which . . . . .
Representation theory of compact group
Author: Michael Ruzhansky and Ville Turunen  Language:
Contents: Groups; Topological groups; Linear Lie groups; Hopf algebras; Appendices.
Combinatorial Group Theory
Author: Chuck Miller  Language:
An early version of these notes was prepared for use by the participants in the Workshop on Algebra, Geometry and Topology held at the Australian National University, 22 January to 9 February, 1996. T . . . . .
Group theory for Maths, Physics and Chemistry students
Author: A. Cohen, R. Ushirobira and J. Draisma  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Permutation Groups ; Symmetry Groups in Euclidean Space; Representation Theory; Character Tables; Some compact Lie groups and their representations.
Group Theory
Author: J. S. Milne  Language:
These notes, which are a revision of those handed out during a course taught to first-year graduate students, give a concise introduction to the theory of groups. v2.11. (August 29, 2003)
Representations of Finite Groups
Author: W. Edwin Clark  Language:
Contents: Linear and multilinear algebra; Representations of finite groups; Character theory; Some applications to group theory; Some group theory.
Group Characters Symmetric Function and the Hacke Algebras
Author: David M. Goldschmidt  Language:
Contents: Finite-Dimensional Algebras; Group Characters; Divisibility; Induced Characters; further results; permutations and partitions; the irreducible characters of Sn; The Specht modules; Symmetri . . . . .
Groups and symmetry
Author: Andrew Baker  Language:
Contents: Isometries in 2 dimensions; Groups and symmetry; Isometries in 3 dimensions.
Elements of Group Theory
Author: F. J. Yndurain  Language:
Contents:1. Generalities 2. Lie groups and Lie algebras 3. The unitary groups 4. Representations of the SU(n) groups (and of their algebras)5. The tensor method for unitary groups, and the permutati . . . . .
Group Representation Theory
Author: McGerty  Language:
Group Representation Theory Lecture notes on Group Representation Theory.
An Elementary Introduction to Groups and Representations
Author: Brian C. Hall  Language:
These notes give an elementary introduction to Lie groups, Lie algebras, and their representations. Designed to be accessible to graduate students in mathematics or physics, they have a minimum of pre . . . . .
Transformation Groups in Algebra, Geometry and Calculus
Author: S.V.Duzhin and B.D.Chebotarevsky  Language:
The book provides an introduction into the theory of transformation groups at the level of high-school students and university newcomers. Its chapters about group theory were used a textbook in Higher . . . . .
Classical Groups
Author: Peter Cameron  Language:
Contents: Fields and vector spaces; Linear and projective groups; Polarities and forms; Symplectic groups; Unitary groups; Orthogonal groups; Klein correspondence and triality; Further topics; Bibliog . . . . .
Group Representation Theory
Author: Daniel Bump  Language:
This is a web-based text on Group Representation Theory. It begins at the undergraduate level but continues to more advanced topics. An early draft of this book was written in TeXmacs during my sab . . . . .

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