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Applied and Interdisciplinary physics[27] Astronomy and Astrophysics[156] Biological Physics[47]
Computational Physics[20] Condensed Matter[483] Data Analysis[4]
Electricity and Megnetism[26] General Physics[14] High Energy Physics[93]
History of Physics[8] Mathematical Physics[37] Mechanics[58]
Methods of Mathematical Physics[19] Miscellaneous[5] Optics[36]
Physics Education[2] Physics Laboratory[12] Plasma Physics[10]
Quantum Mechanics[128] Quatum Field Theory[132] Relativity[56]
Statistical Mechanics[106] Theoretical Physics[17] Thermodynamics[11]

Book News: Physics

Metallic Quantum Ferromagnets
Category :Strongly Interacting Systems  Language: clicks: 92
This review gives an overview of the quantum phase transition (QPT) problem in metallic ferromagnets, discussing both experimental and theoretical aspects. These QPTs can be classified with respe . . . . .
Introduction to High-Resolution Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
Category :Materials Science  Language: clicks: 70
This paper reviews non-resonant, meV-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering (IXS), as applied to the measurement of atomic dynamics of crystalline materials. It is designed to be an introductory, thoug . . . . .
A mathematical analysis of the GW0 method for computing electronic excited state energies of molecules
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 227
This paper analyses the GW method for finite electronic systems. In a first step, we provide a mathematical framework for the usual one-body operators that appear naturally in many-body perturbation . . . . .
Babel of Units. The Evolution of Units Systems in Classical Electromagnetism
Category :History of Physics  Language: clicks: 224
We recount the history of development of units systems in electrodynamics, and fully derive how each system is constructed. Done for Electromagnetic (emu), Electrostatic (esu), Gaussian, a variant-Gau . . . . .
Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity
Category :Advanced Quantum Mechanics  Language: clicks: 218
We survey the growing field of Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity, which includes the study of Quantum Constraint Satisfaction. In particular, our aim is to provide a computer science-oriented introductio . . . . .
Many-body physics with ultracold gases
Category :Quantum Gases  Language: clicks: 212
This paper reviews recent experimental and theoretical progress concerning many-body phenomena in dilute, ultracold gases. It focuses on effects beyond standard weak-coupling descriptions, such as th . . . . .

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