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Multidimensional Bosonization
Author: A. Houghton, H.-J. Kwon, J. B. Marston  Language:
Bosonization of degenerate fermions yields insight both into Landau Fermi liquids, and into non-Fermi liquids. We begin our review with a pedagogical introduction to bosonization, emphasizing its appl . . . . .
Transport in Single Channel Quantum Wires
Author: Hermann Grabert  Language:
This tutorial article gives an introduction to the methods needed to treat interacting electrons in a quantum wire with a single occupied band. Since one-dimensional Fermions cannot be described in te . . . . .
One-dimensional quantum wires: A pedestrian approach to bosonization
Author: Sebastian Eggert  Language:
In these lecture notes we will consider systems in which the motion of electrons is confined to one dimension (1D). In these so-called quantum wires electron-electron interaction effects play an impor . . . . .
An introduction to bosonization
Author: D. SÚnÚchal  Language:
The bosonization procedure is then introduced heuristically, but the precise quantum equivalence between fermion and boson is also presented. Then the exact solution of the Tomonaga-Luttinger . . . . .
Bosonization for Beginners --- Refermionization for Experts
Author: Jan von Delft, Herbert Schoeller  Language:
This tutorial gives an elementary and self-contained review of abelian bosonization in 1 dimension in a system of finite size L, following and simplifying Haldane's constructive approach. As a non-tri . . . . .

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