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Fermi Liquids

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Singular Fermi Liquids
Author: C. M. Varma, Z. Nussinov, W. van Saarloos  Language:
An introductory survey of the theoretical ideas and calculations and the experimental results which depart from Landau Fermi-liquids is presented. Common themes and possible routes to the singularitie . . . . .
Basic theory tools for degenerate Fermi gases
Author: Yvan Castin (LKB - Lhomond)  Language:
This is an introductory lecture to the theory of degenerate Fermi gases, in the context of present experiments on atomic Fermi gases. In part one, some properties of the ideal Fermi gas are presented, . . . . .
Interactions in Quantum Fluids
Author: Thierry Giamarchi  Language:
In these notes I review the basic concepts of the effects of interactions on quantum particles. I focuss here mostly on the case of fermions, but several aspects of interacting bosons are mentioned as . . . . .
Dilute Fermi and Bose Gases
Author: Subir Sachdev  Language:
I give a unified perspective on the properties of a variety of quantum liquids using the theory of quantum phase transitions. A central role is played by a zero density quantum critical point which is . . . . .
Fermi liquids and Luttinger liquids
Author: H.J. Schulz, G. Cuniberti, P. Pieri  Language:
In these lecture notes, the basic physics of Fermi liquids and Luttinger liquids is presented. Fermi liquids are discussed both from a phenomenological viewpoint, in relation to microscopic approaches . . . . .
Renormalization Group Methods: Landau-Fermi Liquid and BCS Sup
Author: J. Froehlich, T. Chen, M. Seifert  Language:
Contents: Background material;Weakly coupled electron gases; The renormalization group flowSpontaneous breaking of gauge invariance, and superconductivity. (50 pages)

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