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Particle Accelerators

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Charged Particle Beams
Author: Stanley Humphries  Language:
Charged Particle Beams Contents: Preface and table of contents; Introduction; Phase-space description of charged particle beams; Introduction to beam emittance; Beam emittance - advanced topics; Introduction to beam-genera . . . . .
Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration
Author: Stanley Humphries, Jr.  Language:
Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration Contents: Particle Dynamics; Electric and Magnetic Forces; Steady-State Electric and Magnetic Fields; Modification of Electric and Magnetic Fields by Materials; Electric and Magnetic Field Lenses; Ca . . . . .
Proceedings of the CAS - CERN Accelerator School
Author: R. Bailey (ed. CERN)  Language:
These proceedings present the lectures given at the twenty-fourth specialized course organized by the CERN Accelerator School (CAS). The course was held in Ebeltoft, Denmark, from 8-17 June, 2010 . . . . .
Theory of electromagnetic fields
Author: Andrzej Wolski  Language:
We discuss the theory of electromagnetic fields, with an emphasis on aspects relevant to radiofrequency systems in particle accelerators. We begin by reviewing Maxwell's equations and their physical s . . . . .

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