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Game Theory (Open Access textbook with 165 solved exercises)
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 213
This is an Open Access textbook on non-cooperative Game Theory with 165 solved exercises.
Stochastic Differential Equations: Models and Numerics
Category :Stochastic differential equation  Language: clicks: 24
The goal of this course is to give useful understanding for solving problems formulated by stochastic differential equations models in science, engineering and mathematical finance. Typically, these . . . . .
Around the boundary of complex dynamics
Category :Dynamical Systems  Language: clicks: 26
We introduce the exciting field of complex dynamics at an undergraduate level while reviewing, reinforcing, and extending the ideas learned in an typical first course on complex analysis. Julia sets a . . . . .
Lectures on singular stochastic PDEs
Category :Probability Theory  Language: clicks: 26
These are the notes for a course at the 18th Brazilian School of Probability held from August 3rd to 9th, 2014 in Mambucaba. The aim of the course is to introduce the basic problems of non--linear PD . . . . .
Metric and Topological Spaces
Category :Topology  Language: clicks: 22
The syllabus for the course is defined by the Faculty Board Schedules (which are minimal for lecturing and maximal for examining). What is presented here contains some results which it would not, in . . . . .
Combinatorics and algebra of tensor calculus
Category :Calculus  Language: clicks: 20
In this paper, motivated by the theory of operads and PROPs we reveal the combinatorial nature of tensor calculus for strict tensor categories and show that there exists a monad which is descr . . . . .
Physical Mathematics
Category :Mathematical Physics  Language: clicks: 412
The goal of this course is to give a modern introduction to mathematical methods for solving hard mathematics problems that arise in the sciences — physical, biological and social. The toolbox of ap . . . . .
Category :Graph Theory  Language: clicks: 338
This book contains the following chapters in company with related subjects. In Chapter I, the embedding of a graph on surfaces are much concerned because they are motivated to building up the theo r . . . . .
Basic Queueing Theory
Category :Queueing Theory  Language: clicks: 358
The aim of the book is to present the basic methods, approaches in a Markovian level for the analysis of not too complicated systems. The main purpose is to understand how models could be constructe . . . . .
Observers and Splitting Structures in Relativistic Electrodynamics
Category :Thoery of Relativity  Language: clicks: 289
We introduce a relativistic splitting structure as a means to map fields and equations of electromagnetism from curved four-dimensional space-time to three-dimensional observer's space. We focus . . . . .
An Introduction to Temporal Graphs: An Algorithmic Perspective
Category :Graph Theory  Language: clicks: 318
A emph{temporal graph} is, informally speaking, a graph that changes with time. When time is discrete and only the relationships between the participating entities may change and not the entities the . . . . .
Logic and linear algebra: an introduction
Category :Logic  Language: clicks: 374
We give an introduction to computation and logic tailored for algebraists, and use this as a springboard to discuss geometric models of computation and the role of cut-elimination in these models, . . . . .
Brief introduction to tropical geometry
Category :Algebraic Geometry  Language: clicks: 320
The paper consists of lecture notes for a mini-course given by the authors at the G"okova Geometry & Topology conference in May 2014. We start the exposition with tropical curves in the pla . . . . .
Aleatoire: Introduction à la théorie et au calcul des probabilités
Category :Probability Theory  Language: clicks: 31
Table de matière: Introduction; space de probabilité; Espace fini ou dénombrable; Variables aléatoires réelles et Vecteurs aléatoires; Convergences et loi des grands nombres; Fonctions caractéristique . . . . .
Théorèmes de de Finetti, limites de champ moyen et condensation de Bose-Einstein
Category :Mathematical Physics  Language: clicks: 1379
These are the lectures notes from my cours Peccot at the Coll`ege de France, given in March-April 2014. They are in french for the moment, some english translation should be available soon(er or late . . . . .

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