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Dynamic systems

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Mathematics -> ... -> Dynamical Systems

Introduction to Teichmüller theory and its applications to dynamics of interval exchange transformations, flows on surfaces and
Author: Giovanni Forni, Carlos Matheus  Language:
This text is an expanded version of the lecture notes of a minicourse (with the same title of this text) delivered by the authors in the Bedlewo school "Modern Dynamics and its Interaction with Analy . . . . .
Introduzione ai sistemi dinamici
Author: Guido Gentile  Language:
Un libro di 394 pagine tratta di: equazioni differenziali lineari, analisi qualitativa e alcune applicazioni, sistemi dinamici.
Sistemi dinamici
Author: Prof. Emiliani  Language:
Un libro molto ben fatto e chiaro sui Sistemi Dinamici, vengono trattati sistemni lineari,sistemi a vari gradi di libertà, integrabili non, equazioni differenziali dipendenti dal tempo, caos.
Kinetic Theory of Dynamical Systems
Author: R. van Zon, H. van Beijeren, J. R. Dorfman  Language:
It is generally believed that the dynamics of simple fluids can be considered to be chaotic, at least to the extent that they can be modeled as classical systems of particles interacting with short ra . . . . .
Perturbation theory of dynamical systems
Author: Nils Berglund  Language:
This text is a slightly edited version of lecture notes for a course given at ETH, during the Summer term 2001, to undergraduate Mathematics and Physics students. It covers a few selected topics from . . . . .

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