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Toposes, Triples and Theories
Author: Michael Barr and Charles Wells  Language:
Contents: Categories; Toposes; Triples; Theories; Properties of Toposes; Permanence Properties of Toposes; Representation Theorems; Cocone Theories; More on Triples.
Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification
Author: D. Michie, D.J. Spiegelhalter, C.C. Taylor  Language:
Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification This book is based on the EC (ESPRIT) project StatLog which compare and evaluated a range of classification techniques, with an assessment of their merits, disadvantages and range of application. This . . . . .
Smarandache Neutrosophic Algebraic Structures
Author: W.B.Vasantha Kandasamy  Language:
This book has seven chapters. In Chapter one, an elaborate recollection of Smarandache structures like S-semigroups, S-loops, and S-groupoids is given. It also gives notions about N-ary algebraic stuc . . . . .
Computability and Incompleteness
Author: Jeremy Avigad  Language:
Formal models of computation, unsolvability, and Gödel\'s incompleteness theorems.
Proof in Mathematics: an Introduction
Author: James Franklin and Albert Daoud   Language:
Proof in Mathematics: an Introduction This is a small (98 page) textbook designed to teach mathematics and computer science students the basics of how to read and construct proofs. Why do students take the instruction "prove" . . . . .
Introduction to Mathematical English
Author: Jan Nekovář  Language:
Introduction to Mathematical English
Complete proofs of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems.
Author: Byunghan Kim  Language:
Course lecture on Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems.
Shor's Algorithm for Factoring Large Integers
Author: C. Lavor, L.R.U. Manssur, R. Portugal  Language:
This work is a tutorial on Shor's factoring algorithm by means of a worked out example. Some basic concepts of Quantum Mechanics and quantum circuits are reviewed. It is intended for non-specialists w . . . . .

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