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Lezioni ed esercizi di Astronomia
Author: A. Rifatto  Language:
Le seguenti dispense contengono le parti principali delle lezioni e degli esercizi del modulo di Astronomia, per la laurea in Fisica presso lĺUniversitÓ di Salerno.Non sono dunque un trattato, ma serv . . . . .
Lectures on Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology
Author: Luis A. Anchordoqui  Language:
These lecture notes were prepared as an aid to students enrolled in (UG) Astronomy 320, in the 2007 Spring semester, at UW-Milwaukee. They are for study purposes only.
Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
Author: Martin V. Zombeck  Language:
This handbook has become an essential reference for space astronomy and astrophysics. The complete 2nd edition (Copyright Cambridge University Press, 1982, 1990) is now available at your electronic de . . . . .
The world according to the Hubble Space Telescope
Author: Mario Livio  Language:
The Hubble Space Telescope (HST), in its thirteen years of operation, has allowed us to observe properties of the universe humans have been able, until very recently, to probe only with their thoughts . . . . .
Stellar coronal astronomy - a review
Author: Fabio Favata, Giuseppina Micela  Language:
In the present review we try to recapitulate our view on the status of the stellar coronal astronomy at the beginning of a new era, in which the high sensitivity and the high spectral resolution p . . . . .
Observing the Sky from 40░N
Author: wikibooks  Language:
Observing the Sky from 40░N This atlas contains a set of 24 maps regulated to the latitude of 40░N, similar to those of many important cities in the northern hemisphere, such as New York, Washington D.C., Boulder, San Francisco, . . . . .

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