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Applied and Interdisciplinary physics[27] Astronomy and Astrophysics[153] Biological Physics[44]
Computational Physics[18] Condensed Matter[468] Data Analysis[4]
Electricity and Megnetism[26] General Physics[13] High Energy Physics[92]
History of Physics[7] Mathematical Physics[36] Mechanics[56]
Methods of Mathematical Physics[19] Miscellaneous[5] Optics[35]
Physics Education[2] Physics Laboratory[11] Plasma Physics[9]
Quantum Mechanics[126] Quatum Field Theory[128] Relativity[55]
Statistical Mechanics[103] Theoretical Physics[17] Thermodynamics[10]

Book News: Physics

The treatment of electronic excitations in atomistic models of radiation damage in metals
Category :Radiation Material Science  Language: clicks: 3
Atomistic simulations are a primary means of understanding the damage done to metallic materials by high energy particulate radiation. In many situations the electrons in a target material are known . . . . .
Molecular dynamics sim ulations of energy dep osition in solids
Category :Radiation Material Science  Language: clicks: 30
Molecular dynamics simulations have been used since the early 60's to study the interaction of energetic particles (up to 100's of keVs) with solids for a large variety of applications. In th . . . . .
Density Functional Theory Models for Radiation Damage
Category :Radiation Material Science  Language: clicks: 31
Density functional theory models developed over the past decade provide unique information about the structure of nanoscale defects produced by irradiation and about the nature of short-range intera . . . . .
Introduction to superfluidity -- Field-theoretical approach and applications
Category :Superfuidity  Language: clicks: 102
In this pedagogical introduction, I discuss theoretical aspects of superfluidity and superconductivity, mostly using a field-theoretical formalism. While the emphasis is on general concepts and mechan . . . . .
A Practical Introduction to Computational Physics and Scientific Computing
Category :Computational Physics  Language: clicks: 159
A Practical Introduction to Computational Physics and Scientific Computing This book is an introduction to the computational methods used in physics, but also in other scientific fields. It is addressed to an audience that has already been exposed to the introductory level o . . . . .
Optical Atomic Clocks
Category :Molecular Physics  Language: clicks: 85
Optical atomic clocks represent the state-of-the-art in the frontier of modern measurement science. In this article we provide a detailed review on the development of optical atomic clocks that are ba . . . . .

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