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Applied and Interdisciplinary physics[27] Astronomy and Astrophysics[153] Biological Physics[46]
Computational Physics[19] Condensed Matter[475] Data Analysis[4]
Electricity and Megnetism[26] General Physics[13] High Energy Physics[93]
History of Physics[7] Mathematical Physics[36] Mechanics[57]
Methods of Mathematical Physics[19] Miscellaneous[5] Optics[35]
Physics Education[2] Physics Laboratory[12] Plasma Physics[10]
Quantum Mechanics[127] Quatum Field Theory[130] Relativity[55]
Statistical Mechanics[106] Theoretical Physics[17] Thermodynamics[10]

Book News: Physics

A guide to Quantum field theory
Category :Quatum Field Theory  Language: clicks: 24
Contents: overview and guide to the literature; classic field theory reminder; free quantum fields; interacting quantum fields; path integrals; strings; loops and scales.
Tecniche di previsione ed analisi dimensionale nella Fisica classica e nella Meccanica strutturale
Category :Mechanics  Language: clicks: 117
Contenuto: Previsioni e sviluppi a sostegno di definizioni e di teoremi della teoria dei campi scalari e vettoriali; Il ruolo della previsione nello studio di alcuni argomenti di base della Fisica cla . . . . .
Physics of Microswimmers - Single Particle Motion and Collective Behavior
Category :Biophysics  Language: clicks: 145
Locomotion and transport of microorganisms in fluids is an essential aspect of life. Search for food, orientation toward light, spreading of off-spring, and the formation of colonies are only possible . . . . .
Revealing networks from dynamics: an introduction
Category :Networks  Language: clicks: 128
What can we learn from the collective dynamics of a complex network about its interaction topology? Taking the perspective from nonlinear dynamics, we briefly review recent progress on how to infer st . . . . .
Spin Hall effect
Category :Quantum Hall effect  Language: clicks: 118
Spin Hall effects are a collection of relativistic spin-orbit coupling phenomena in which electrical currents can generate transverse spin currents and vice versa. Although first observed only a deca . . . . .
Theory of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Category :Microscopy  Language: clicks: 116
This lecture has been given at the 45th Spring School: Computing Solids: Models, Ab-initio Methods and Supercomputing organized at the Forschungszentrum J"ulich. The goal of this manuscript is t . . . . .

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