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Applied and Interdisciplinary physics[27] Astronomy and Astrophysics[156] Biological Physics[47]
Computational Physics[20] Condensed Matter[492] Data Analysis[4]
Electricity and Megnetism[26] General Physics[14] High Energy Physics[94]
History of Physics[8] Mathematical Physics[40] Mechanics[58]
Methods of Mathematical Physics[19] Miscellaneous[5] Optics[36]
Physics Education[2] Physics Laboratory[12] Plasma Physics[10]
Quantum Mechanics[129] Quatum Field Theory[132] Relativity[57]
Statistical Mechanics[110] Theoretical Physics[17] Thermodynamics[11]

Book News: Physics

Many-Particle Theory of Highly excited Semiconductors
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 30
The theory of highly excited semiconductors is dealt with from a many-particle point of view using the Green's function formalism.
Metodi P robabilistici della Fisica
Category :Mathematical Physics  Language: clicks: 8
Queste lezioni intendono fornire agli studenti del corso di laurea in Fisica alcune nozioni e metodi elementari che si sono rive lati molto utili nello sviluppo della teoria fisica e che hanno vaste . . . . .
Quantum walks: a comprehensive review
Category :Quantum Walks  Language: clicks: 7
Quantum walks, the quantum mechanical counterpart of classical random walks, is an advanced tool for building quantum algorithms that has been recently shown to constitute a universal model of quantum . . . . .
Quantum random walks - an introductory overview
Category :Quantum Walks  Language: clicks: 8
This article aims to provide an introductory survey on quantum random walks. Starting from a physical effect to illustrate the main ideas we will introduce quantum random walks, review some of the . . . . .
A primer on quantum fluids
Category :Quantum Gases  Language: clicks: 6
This book introduces the theoretical description and properties of quantum fluids. The focus is on gaseous atomic Bose-Einstein condensates and, to a minor extent, superfluid helium, but the underlyin . . . . .
Electron-phonon interactions from first principles
Category :Polarons  Language: clicks: 10
This article reviews the theory of electron-phonon interactions in solids from the point of view of ab-initio calculations. While the electron-phonon interaction has been studied for almost a century, . . . . .

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