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Applied and Interdisciplinary physics[27] Astronomy and Astrophysics[153] Biological Physics[45]
Computational Physics[19] Condensed Matter[472] Data Analysis[4]
Electricity and Megnetism[26] General Physics[13] High Energy Physics[93]
History of Physics[7] Mathematical Physics[36] Mechanics[56]
Methods of Mathematical Physics[19] Miscellaneous[5] Optics[35]
Physics Education[2] Physics Laboratory[11] Plasma Physics[10]
Quantum Mechanics[127] Quatum Field Theory[128] Relativity[55]
Statistical Mechanics[105] Theoretical Physics[17] Thermodynamics[10]

Book News: Physics

Lecture Notes in Thermal Physics
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 48
Introduction 1 The overall object of thermal and statistical physics is to understand the behavior of macroscopic systems from the microscopic interactions between the particles making up the syst . . . . .
Quantum Mechanics - Lecture Notes
Category :Quantum Mechanics  Language: clicks: 227
The operator H is directly related to the Hamiltonian function in classical physics, which will be defined in the first chapter. The ket-vector state and its physical meaning will be introduced in . . . . .
Computational Physics: Problem Solving with Computers
Category :Computational Physics  Language: clicks: 401
Computational Physics: Problem Solving with Computers This is not the book I thought Id be writing. When, about a decade ago, I initiated the discussions that led to our Computational Physics course, I thought we would teach mainly physics in it. The . . . . .
AdS/CFT Duality User Guide
Category :Theory  Language: clicks: 166
This is the draft version of a textbook on "real-world" applications of the AdS/CFT duality for beginning graduate students in particle physics and for researchers in the other fields. The a . . . . .
Towards Ab-initio Calculation of Electron Energies in Semiconductor
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 83
Contents: introduction; Green-function approach to many-electron systems; properties of self-energy function in GW scheme; towards actual calculation of GW self-energy in the quasi-particle approximat . . . . .
Berry phase in solid state physics
Category :Berry Phase in Condensed Matter  Language: clicks: 239
Contents: Anholonomy in geometry; Anholonomy in quantum mechanics; Berry phase and spin systems; Berry phase and Bloch state; Berry phase and wave-packet dynamics; Concluding remarks.

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