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A GuidedWalk DownWall Street: An Introduction to Econophysics
Author: Giovani L. Vasconcelos  Language:
This article contains the lecture notes for the short course Introduction to Econophysics, delivered at the II Brazilian School on Statistical Mechanics, held in S‹ao Carlos, Brazil, in February 200 . . . . .
Is Econophysics a Solid Science?
Author: Z. Burda, J. Jurkiewicz, M.A. Nowak  Language:
Econophysics is an approach to quantitative economy using ideas, models, conceptual and computational methods of statistical physics. In recent years many of physical theories like theory of turbulenc . . . . .
Physics of Econophysics
Author: Yougui Wang1, Jinshan Wu2, Zengru Di1  Language:
Econophysics is a new area developed recently by the cooperation between economists, mathematicians and physicists. Itís not a tool to predict future prices of stocks and exchange rates. It applies . . . . .
Critical Market Crashes
Author: D. Sornette  Language:
This review is a partial synthesis of the book ``Why stock market crash\\\' (Princeton University Press, January 2003), which presents a general theory of financial crashes and of stock market instabi . . . . .

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