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Bayesian Statistics[1] Computational Statistics[1] Multivariate Statistics[1]
Non-parametric statistics[1]

Revealing Statistical Principles
Author: J.K. Lindsey  Language:
This little book is addressed to people who are called upon to or ganize research studies in v olving human subjects or to judge the value of such studies, but who have little or no statistical knowl . . . . .
Statistics: Methods and Applications
Author: Thomas Hill, Paul Lewicki   Language:
Statistics: Methods and Applications This Electronic Statistics Textbook offers training in the understanding and application of statistics. The material was developed at the StatSoft R&D department based on many years of teaching un . . . . .
Time Series
Author: Harry Hurd  Language:
Contents: Introduction to Series Analysis; Stationary Stochastic Processes; Linear Filters; Fitting ARIMA models; Estimating Spectral Density; Example of time series models; State Space Models and th . . . . .
Lectures in Mathematical Statistics
Author: D.S.G. Pollock  Language:
Contents: Sets and Boolean Algebra; The Binomial Distribution; The Multinomial Distribution; The Poisson Distribution; The Binomial Moment Generating Function; The Normal Moment Generating Function; . . . . .
Statistics: Asymptotic Tools
Author: David Hunter  Language:
Contents: Limits; Embedding Sequences; Infinite Series; Order Relations; Continuity; Distribution Functions; Convergence in Probability; Regression estimators, sample mean for non-iid sequences; Co . . . . .
An introduction to the minimum description length principle
Author: Peter Grunwald  Language:
This tutorial provides an overview of and introduction to Rissanen\'s Minimum Description Length (MDL) Principle. The first chapter provides a conceptual, entirely non-technical introduction to the su . . . . .
Lectures on Statistics
Author: Robert B. Ash  Language:
Contents: 1. Transformation of Random Variables 2. Jacobians 3. Moment-generating functions 4. Sampling from a normal population 5. The T and F distributions 6. Order statistics 7. The wea . . . . .

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