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Many body

Condensed Matter -> Many bodySearch on Amazon

Bosonization[5] Density Matrix Renormalization[6] DMFT[10]
Fermi Liquids[6] Luttinger liquids[8] Mean Field Theory[1]
Non-equilibrium systems[14] The GW method[9]

Quantum Condensed Matter Physics
Author: Chetan Nayak  Language:
Contents: Preliminaries; Basic Formalism; Goldstone Modes and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking; Critical Fluctuations and Phase Transitions; Symmetry-Breaking In Fermion Systems; Gauge Fields and Fractio . . . . .
Problème à N-corps
Author: André-Marie Tremblay  Language:
Contents: A refresher in statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics; Statistical Physics and Density matrix; Second quantization;Hartree-Fock approximation; Model Hamiltonians; Broken symmetry and c . . . . .
The evolving monogram on Many Body Physics
Author: Piers Coleman  Language:
Contents: Scales and Complexity; Quantum Fields: Overview Collective Quantum Fields; Conserved Particles; Simple Examples of Second-quantization; Greens Functions; Feynman Diagrams: T=0; Finite Tem . . . . .
Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
Author: Alexander Altland and Ben Simons  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Scales and Complexity; Quantum Fields: Overview Collective Quantum Fields; Conserved Particles; Simple Examples of Second-quantization; Greens Functions; Feynman Diagrams . . . . .
An introduction to many-body quantum theory in condensed matter
Author: Henrik Bruus y Karsten Flensberg.  Language:
Contents: First and second quantization; The electron gas; Phonons; coupling to electrons; Mean field theory; Time evolution pictures; Linear response theory ; Transport in mesoscopic systems; Green’s . . . . .
Advanced Topics of Theoretical Physics I: The electronic structure of matter
Author: Peter E. Blöchl  Language:
Advanced Topics of Theoretical Physics I: The electronic structure of matter This book is work in progress. This book is not completed and not proofread. You can use this book currently as a basis for following through the material presented in the course. However, you should . . . . .
Bosonization of Interacting Fermions in Arbitrary Dimensions
Author: Peter Kopietz (Frankfurt)  Language:
This review is a summary of my work (partially in collaboration with Kurt Schoenhammer) on higher-dimensional bosonization during the years 1994-1996. It has been published as a book entitled "Bosoniz . . . . .
Many-Particle Physics
Author: Bo E. Sernelius  Language:
Contents: introduction material; Green\'s functions at zero temperature; Green\'s function at finite temperature; electron gas; physical quantities based on the Energy or self-Energy; The current curr . . . . .
Many Body
Author: Michele Fabrizio  Language:
Contents: Landau-Fermi-liquid theory: Phenomenology; Second Quantization; Linear Response Theory; Hartree-Fock Approximation; Feynamm diagram technique; Landau-Fermi liquid theory: a microscopic just . . . . .
Cours de physique du solide avance: Proprietes ectroniques des metaux
Author: Bernard Giovannini  Language:
Table des matieres: Mesures et fonctions de correlation; Theorie de la reponse linaire; Bases de la theorie du probleme a N-corps; Theories de champ moyen; Systemes ectroniques fortement correles: int . . . . .
Many-Particle Theory of Highly excited Semiconductors
Author: R. Zimmermann  Language:
The theory of highly excited semiconductors is dealt with from a many-particle point of view using the Green's function formalism.
Nonequilibrium Relativistic Quantum Many-Body Theory
Author: Hendrik van Hees  Language:
The following manuscript aims at an introduction to modern methods in relativistic quantum many- body theory. In this manuscript we introduce many-body techniques, using relativistic quantum field th . . . . .
Quantum theory of many − particle systems
Author: Jens O. Andersen  Language:
Contents: Classical mechanics; Lorentz transformations; Classical field theory; Relativistic Wave equations; Field quantization; Perturbation theory; Dilute Bose gas; Fermi gases; Effective potential; . . . . .
A refresher in many-body theory
Author: André-Marie Tremblay  Language:
The purpose of these notes is to point out a few key results in quantum mechanics, statistical physics and many-body theory that should be useful to understand the application of advanced numerical . . . . .
Application of the Green\'s functions method to the study of the optical properties of semiconductors
Author: G. Strinati  Language:
Application of the Green\'s functions method to the study of the optical properties of semiconductors The relevance of many-body effects, over and above the independent- particle approximation, on the optical properties of semiconductors has been increasingly recognized over the years. Specifically, . . . . .
Simulations of quantum many body systems
Author: Mark Jarrell  Language:
 Simulations of quantum many body systems Contents: The Equilibrium Green Function Method; Dynamical Mean Field and Dynamical Cluster Approximation; Hirsh Fye and Continuous time Quantum Monte Carlo Methods; The Maximum Entropy Method for ana . . . . .
Statistical Mechanics and the Physics of the Many-Particle Model Systems
Author: A. L. Kuzemsky  Language:
The development of methods of quantum statistical mechanics is considered in light of their applications to quantum solid-state theory. We discuss fundamental problems of the physics of magnetic mater . . . . .
The Functional Schrödinger Picture Approach to Many-Particle Systems
Author: Chul Koo Kim, Sang Koo You  Language:
A self-contained pedagogical introduction to the functional Schr\"{o}dinger picture method of many-body theory is given at a level suitable for graduate students and also for many-body physicists who . . . . .
Theoretical methods in quantum optics: S-matrix and Keldysh techniques for strong-field processes
Author: H. R. Reiss  Language:
This is a resource paper for strong-fields in general. Many fundamentals are presented here in detail, especially for a relativistic formulation. However, the review of the applications is many years . . . . .
Quantum Environments: Spin Baths, Oscillator Baths, and applications to Quantum Magnetism
Author: P.C.E. Stamp  Language:
The low-energy physics of systems coupled to their surroundings is understood by truncating to effective Hamiltonians; these tend to reduce to a few canonical forms, involving coupling to "baths" . . . . .
Computational Electronic Structure Theory
Author: Dr. Patrick Rinke  Language:
Contents: The Schrodinger Equation; Wave function based approaches; Density functional theory; Green’s function theory.
Strong-CouplIng Approaches to Correlated Fermions.
Author: D. VOLLHARDT  Language:
Strong-CouplIng Approaches to Correlated Fermions.
Anderson Transitions
Author: F. Evers, A.D. Mirlin  Language:
The physics of Anderson transitions between localized and metallic phases in disordered systems is reviewed. The term Anderson transition is understood in a broad sense, including both metal-insulator . . . . .
Electronic Structure Theory
Author: Dr.Patrick Rinke  Language:
The goal of electonic structure theory is to be predictive! Computational Electronic Structure Theory is an ever-growing field which combines theoretical physics and chemistry with computer science . . . . .
Quantum phase transitions
Author: Matthias Vojta  Language:
In recent years, quantum phase transitions have attracted the interest of both theorists and experimentalists in condensed matter physics. These transitions, which are accessed at zero temperature by . . . . .
Making use of self-energy functionals: The variational cluster approximation
Author: Michael Potthoff  Language:
A pedagogical introduction to the cluster-perturbation theory, the variational cluster approximation and to self-energy-functional theory is given. Some standard applications and the relation to dynam . . . . .
Quantum Magnetism Approaches to Strongly Correlated Electrons
Author: A. Auerbach(Lecture notes compiled by F. Berru  Language:
Basic tools of quantum magnetism are introduced and used: spin coherent states path integral, spin wave theory, and continuum theory of rotators.The last lecture concerns pseudospin approaches . . . . .
Quantum Theory of Large Systems of Non-Relativistic Matter
Author: J. Froehlich, U.M. Studer, E. Thiran  Language:
Quantum Theory of Large Systems of Non-Relativistic Matter
Integrble Models in Condensed Matter Physics
Author: Natan Andrei  Language:
This is an expanded version of the lectures given at the Trieste Summer School 1992 on Low-dimensional Quantum Field Theories for Condensed Matter Physicists. 122 pg
Electrostatic correlations: from Plasma to Biology
Author: Yan Levin  Language:
Electrostatic correlations play an important role in physics, chemistry and biology. In plasmas they lead to thermodynamic instability similar to the liquid-gas phase transition of simple molecular fl . . . . .
Quantum Condensed Matter Field Theory
Author: Ben Simons  Language:
Contents: Introduction; From particles to fields; Quantising the classical field; Second quantisation; Representation of operators; Tight-binding and the Mott Transition; Quantum magnetism and the Fer . . . . .
Many Body Physics
Author: Martin Long  Language:
This course is on the mathematical techniques of use in studying electron-based many particle problems: Physical examples are used at every available opportunity. Contents: An introduction to Solid-St . . . . .

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