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Strongly Interacting Systems

Condensed Matter -> Strongly Interacting SystemsSearch on Amazon

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Strongly correlated electrons
Author: Peter Fulde, Peter Thalmeier, Gertrud Zwicknagl  Language:
We review theoretical concepts and models for materials with strongly correlated d- or f electrons. We discuss low-energy effective models and the renormalized band method for Ce-based Kondo lattice s . . . . .
Singular Fermi Liquids
Author: C. M. Varma, Z. Nussinov, W. van Saarloos  Language:
An introductory survey of the theoretical ideas and calculations and the experimental results which depart from Landau Fermi-liquids is presented. Common themes and possible routes to the singularitie . . . . .
Nature of the 5f states in actinide metals
Author: Kevin T. Moore, Gerrit van der Laan  Language:
Actinide elements produce a plethora of interesting physical behaviors due to the 5f states. This review compiles and analyzes progress in understanding of the electronic and magnetic structure of the . . . . .
Frustrated Quantum Magnets
Author: Claire Lhuillier  Language:
A description of different phases of two dimensional magnetic insulators is given. The first chapters are devoted to the understanding of the symmetry breaking mechanism in the semi-classical Neel pha . . . . .
Metallic Quantum Ferromagnets
Author: M. Brando, D. Belitz, F. M. Grosche, T. R. Kirkpatrick  Language:
This review gives an overview of the quantum phase transition (QPT) problem in metallic ferromagnets, discussing both experimental and theoretical aspects. These QPTs can be classified with respe . . . . .
Introduction to Metal-Insulator Transitions
Author: V. Dobrosavljevic  Language:
In this overview we provide a general introduction to metal-insulator transitions, with focus on specific mechanisms that can localize the electrons in absence of magnetic or charge ordering, and . . . . .
Condensed Matter Physics With Light And Atoms: Strongly Correlated Cold Fermions in Optical Lattices
Author: Antoine Georges  Language:
Various topics at the interface between condensed matter physics and the physics of ultra-cold fermionic atoms in optical lattices are discussed. The lectures start with basic considerations on energy . . . . .
Interacting electrons in quasi-one-dimensional organic superconductors
Author: C. Bourbonnais, D. Jerome  Language:
This review covers the study of some basic properties of the phase diagram of quasi-one-dimensional organic superconductors from both experimental and theoretical viewpoints.
A Practical Introduction to Tensor Networks: Matrix Product States and Projected Entangled Pair States
Author: Roman Orus  Language:
This is a partly non-technical introduction to selected topics on tensor network methods, based on several lectures and introductory seminars given on the subject. It should be a good place for newcom . . . . .
Quantum Impurity Problems in Condensed Matter Physics
Author: Ian Affleck  Language:
Impurities are ubiquitous in condensed matter. Boundary Conformal Field Theory (BCFT) provides a powerful method to study a localized quantum impurity interacting with a gapless continuum of excitatio . . . . .
Quantum phase transitions of correlated electrons in two dimensions
Author: Subir Sachdev  Language:
We review the theories of a few quantum phase transitions in two-dimensional correlated electron systems and discuss their application to the cuprate high temperature superconductors. The coupled-ladd . . . . .
Mott Insulators, Spin Liquids and Quantum Disordered Supercond
Author: Matthew P. A. Fisher  Language:
These introductory lecture notes describe recent results on novel Mott insulating phases which are \\\"descendents\\\" of superconductors - obtained by \\\"quantum disordering\\\". After a brief overv . . . . .
An introduction to quantum cluster methods
Author: David Sénéchal  Language:
These lecture notes provide an introduction to quantum cluster methods for strongly correlated systems. Cluster Perturbation Theory (CPT), the Variational Cluster Approximation (VCA) and Cellular Dyna . . . . .
The Gutzwiller Density Functional Theory
Author: Jörg Bünemann  Language:
In this tutorial presentation, we give a comprehensive introduction into the Gutzwiller variational approach and its merger with the density functional theory. The merits of this method are illustrate . . . . .
Electronic structure and physical properties of d- and f metals
Author: V.Yu.Irkhin and Yu.P.Irkhin  Language:
The book includes all main physical properties of d- and f- transition-metal systems and corresponding theoretical concepts. Especial attention is paid to the theory of magnetism and transport phenome . . . . .

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