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Disordered Systems

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Anderson Localization[3] Spin Glasses[2]

Corso di sistemi disordinati
Author: G. Parisi  Language:
Contenuto: Fondamenti di meccanica statistica; Matrici Random; ConducibilitÓ elettrica; SingolaritÓ di Griffths; Vetri di Spin; Classical Equilibrium Statisical Mechanics; Magnetic Systems; The Ising . . . . .
Disorder and interference: localization phenomena
Author: Cord A. Mueller (CQT, Singapore), Dominique Delande (LKB, Paris)  Language:
The specific problem we address in these lectures is the problem of transport and localization in disordered systems, when interference is present, as characteristic for waves, with a focus on realiza . . . . .
Directed Paths in Random Media
Author: Mehran Kardar  Language:
Contents: A. Introduction B. High Temperature Expansions for the Ising Model C. Characteristic Functions and Cumulants D. The One Dimensional Chain E. Directed Paths and the Transfer Matrix F. M . . . . .
Disordered systems
Author: E. Marinari, G. Parisi  Language:
Contents: an introduction to disordered systems; Harris Criterion; Griffiths Singularities; Scaling laws; Lee-Yang Theorem; T=0 dynamics and remanence; The Random Field Ising Model; Remarkable experim . . . . .
Rare region effects at classical, quantum, and non-equilibrium phase transitions
Author: Thomas Vojta  Language:
Rare regions, i.e., rare large spatial disorder fluctuations, can dramatically change the properties of a phase transition in a quenched disordered system. In generic classical equilibrium systems, th . . . . .
Phases and phase transitions in disordered quantum systems
Author: Thomas Vojta  Language:
These lecture notes give a pedagogical introduction to phase transitions in disordered quantum systems and to the exotic Griffiths phases induced in their vicinity. We first review some fundamental c . . . . .
Disordered Quantum Solids
Author: T. Giamarchi, E. Orignac  Language:
Due to the peculiar non-fermi liquid of one dimensional systems, disorder has particularly strong effects. We show that such systems belong to the more general class of disordered quantum solids. We d . . . . .

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