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The TeXBook
Author: Donald E. Knuth  Language:
The complete guide to TeX writing and programming.
Guida all'uso di TEX
Author: Lorenzo Zaninetti  Language:
Contenuto: I primi passi; Tutti i caratteri grandi e piccoli; Il formato dei testi; Le tabelle; Errare humanum est; I grandi documenti; Come scrivere una testi; Una macro per scrivere tabelle; Macr . . . . .
Using Imported Graphics in LATEX and pdfLATEX
Author: Keith Reckdahl  Language:
Contents: Background Information; The LATEX Graphics Bundle; Using Graphics Inclusion Commands; The figure Environment ; Complex Figures.
The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e (99 min)
Author: Tobias Oetiker, et. al  Language:
LATEX is a typesetting system which is very suitable for producing scientific and mathematical documents of high typographical quality. The system is also suitable for producing all sorts of other . . . . .
A Gentle Introduction to TEX
Author: Michael Doob  Language:
Contents: Getting Started; All characters great and small; The shape of things to come; Groups, Groups, and More Groups;
Drawing Feynman Diagrams with LaTeX and Metafont
Author: Thorsten Ohl  Language:
Feynmf is a LaTeX package for easy drawing of professional quality Feynman diagrams with Metafont (or Metapost). Feynmf lays out most diagrams satisfactorily from the structure of the graph without an . . . . .
Hypertext Help with LaTeX
Author:   Language:
These hypertext help files are meant to provide reference information for those with some familiarity with LaTeX. They are not an introduction or tutorial.

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