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Fuzzy Logic[4] Model Theory[4] Proof Theory[3]

Model-Theoretic Logics
Author: Editor: J. Barwise and S. Feferman  Language:
Model-Theoretic Logics Contents; Introduction, Basic Theory and Examples; Model-Theoretic Logics: Background and Aims;Extended Logics: The General Framework; Characterizing Logics; Finitary Languages with Additional Quantif . . . . .
Decision by Objectives
Author: Ernest Forman; Mary Ann Selly  Language:
Contents: Management Decision-Making Today; Problem Solving and Decision-Making; Decision-making Concepts & Methodologies; The Analytic Hierarchy Process and Expert Choice; From Brainstorming to Struc . . . . .
Logic Deductive ans Inductive
Author: CARVETH READ, M.A.  Language:
The art of logic
Author: Nuel Belnap   Language:
Contents: Grammar; The art of the logic of truth-functional connectives; Quantifier proofs; A modicum of set theory; Symbolizing English quantifiers; Quantifier semantics—interpretation and counterex . . . . .
Mathematics of modality
Author: Robert Goldblatt  Language:
Contents: Mathematics of modal logics; semantic analysis and orthologic; orthomoduloarity is not elementary; arithmetical necessity probability and intuitionistic logic; diodorean modality in Minkowsk . . . . .
Science of Logic
Author: Nuel Belnap  Language:
Contents: Preliminaries; The logic of truth functional connectives; The first order logic of extensional predicates, operators, and quantifiers.
An Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Author: Wolfram Pohlers & Thomas Glaß   Language:
The text is a slightly extended version of an introductory course to mathematical logic taught at Münster several times. It treats pure logic and in this connection introduces to basic proof-theoretic . . . . .
Lectures on Linear Logic
Author: A. S. Troelstra  Language:
These lectures are intended for readers with some sophistication in logic, such as graduate students in logic or theoretical computer science, or an experienced researcher new to linear logic. Some . . . . .
Proof, Sets, and Logic
Author: M. Randall Holmes  Language:
Contents: Proof; Typed theory of sets; Untyped theory of sets; Logic; Model Theory; Saving the Universe: Strati ed Set Theories; Philosophy of Set Theory.
Logics of time and computation
Author: Robert Goldblatt  Language:
These notes are based on lectures, given at Stanford in the Spring Quarter of 1986, on modal logic, emphasising temporal and dynamic logics. The main aim of the course was to study some systems that . . . . .
Mathematical Logic - an Introduction
Author: Michal Walicki  Language:
Contents: The History of Logic; Basic Set Theory; Turing Machines; Statement Logic; Predicate Logic.
Elements of deductive logic
Author: Antony Eagle   Language:
A textbook for an 'advanced introductory' logic class (I used it as a textbook for mathematically capable introductory logic students). The book uses the tableau method, and includes standard results . . . . .
A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic
Author: Stefan Bilaniuk  Language:
A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic is intended to serve as the text for an introduction to mathematical logic for undergraduates with some mathematical sophistication. It supplies definitions, sta . . . . .
forall X
Author: P. D. Magnus  Language:
forall X forall x is an open access introductory textbook in formal logic. It covers translation, proofs, and formal semantics for sentential and predicate logic.The book is available under the Creative Common . . . . .
Mathematical Logic
Author: Stephen G. Simpson  Language:
Contens: Propositional Calculus; Predicate Calculus; Proof Systems for Predicate Calculus; Extensions of Predicate Calculus; Theories, Models, Definability; Arithmetization of Predicate Calculus.
Logic for Everyone
Author: Robert A. Herrmann  Language:
Presented, in this monograph, are the results of the U. S. Naval Academy Mathematical Logic Course Project. The propositional and predicate calculus is presented in a unique manner. All aspects are ri . . . . .
Logic and Computation
Author: Jeremy Avigad  Language:
The syntax and semantics of first-order logic, completeness, compactness, and other topics.
Introduction to Modal Logic
Author: Gary Hardegree  Language:
Contents:Introduction to Modal Logic; Basic Concepts; Classical SL; Absolute Modal Logic - System L; Relative Modal Logic - System K; Systems Between K and L; Modal Predicate Logic; General First-Orde . . . . .
Introduction to mathematical logic - A problem solving course
Author: Arnold W. Miller  Language:
Abstract: This is a set of 288 questions written for a Moore-style course in Mathematical Logic. I have used these (or some variation) four times in a beginning graduate course. Topics covered are . . . . .
Author: Francois Loeser  Language:
Table de matiere: Apprendre a compter; Theorie des modeles; Recursivite; Modeles de l'Arithmetique et theoremes de limitation; Theorie des ensembles.
Symbolic Logic: A Second Course
Author: Gary Hardegree  Language:
Contents: Summary; Translations in Function Logic; Derivations in Function Logic; Translations in Identity Logic; Extra Material on Identity Logic; Derivations in Identity Logic; Translations in Descr . . . . .
Logic and Information
Author: Keith Devlin  Language:
An introductory, comparative account of three mathematical approaches to information: the classical quantitative theory of Claude Shannon, developed in the 1940s and 50s, a quantitative-based, qualita . . . . .
Logic and linear algebra: an introduction
Author: Daniel Murfet  Language:
We give an introduction to computation and logic tailored for algebraists, and use this as a springboard to discuss geometric models of computation and the role of cut-elimination in these models, . . . . .
Author: ESSLLI  Language:
Contents: Logic and Information; Metalogic; Algebraic Tools for Modal Logic; Input-Output Logic; Introduction to Model Theory; An Introduction to Substructural Logics; Logic and Games.

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