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Response Theory of the Electron-Phonon Coupling
Author: R. Starke, G. A. H. Schober  Language:
This article presents a systematic theoretical enquiry concerning the conceptual foundations and the nature of phonon-mediated electron-electron interactions. Starting from the fundamental many-body . . . . .
Author: J. T. Devreese (Universiteit Antwerpen - UIA)  Language:
A conduction electron (or hole) together with its self-induced polarisation in a polar semiconductor or an ionic crystal forms a quasi-particle, which is called a polaron. The polaron concept is of in . . . . .
Electron-phonon interactions from first principles
Author: Feliciano Giustino  Language:
This article reviews the theory of electron-phonon interactions in solids from the point of view of ab-initio calculations. While the electron-phonon interaction has been studied for almost a century, . . . . .
Electron-Phonon Coupling on the Surface of Topological Insulators
Author: Xuetao Zhu, Colin Howard, Jiandong Guo, Michael El-Batanouny  Language:
Topological insulators (TIs) are materials that have a bulk electronic band gap like an ordinary insulator but have protected conducting states on their surface. One of the most interesting properties . . . . .
Introduction to polaron physics: Basic Concepts and Models
Author: Julius Ranninger  Language:
We review the major trends over the past decades in the theoretical and experimental approaches to the underlying physics of Many Polaron systems, concentrating on the cross-over between large an smal . . . . .
First-principles approach to the electron-phonon interaction
Author: Robert van Leeuwen  Language:
We present a first-principles approach to the calculation of the electron-phonon interaction. This approach solves some theoretical difficulties in the standard derivation of the electron-phonon inte . . . . .
Localisation versus self-trapping
Author: Holger Fehske, Franz X. Bronold, amd Andreas Alv  Language:
Localisation versus self-trapping: Polaron formation in the Anderson-Holstein model. They discuss polaron formation in disordered electron-phonon systems.

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