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Thermal Field Theory

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Advances in perturbative thermal field theory
Author: Ulrike Kraemmer, Anton Rebhan  Language:
The progress of the last decade in perturbative quantum field theory at high temperature and density made possible by the use of effective field theories and hard-thermal/dense-loop resummations in ul . . . . .
Finite temperature field theory and phase transitions
Author: Mariano Quiros  Language:
We review different aspects of field theory at zero and finite temperature, related to the theory of phase transitions. We discuss different renormalization conditions for the effective potential at z . . . . .
Nonperturbative effects in QCD at Finite Temperature and Density
Author: Craig D. Roberts  Language:
These lecture notes illustrate the application of Dyson-Schwinger equations in QCD. The extensive body of work at zero temperature and chemical potential is represented by a selection of contemporary . . . . .
New Developments and Applications of Thermal Field Theory
Author: Markus H. Thoma  Language:
The lecture provides an introduction to thermal field theory and its applications to the physics of the quark-gluon plasma, possibly created in relativistic heavy ion collisions. In particular the Har . . . . .
Introduction to Thermal Field Theory
Author: T. Altherr  Language:
This is intended to be a very basic introduction and short (and of course incomplete) overview of thermal field theory. In the first part, I introduce the thermal propagator at a very simple level and . . . . .
Quantum Field Theory at Finite Temperature: An Introduction
Author: J. Zinn-Justin  Language:
In these notes we review some properties of Statistical Quantum Field Theory at equilibrium, i.e Quantum Field Theory at finite temperature. We explain the relation between finite temperature quantum . . . . .

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