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Corrections[2] Experimental[3] Lattice QCD[7]
Non-Perturbative[2] Numerical Methods[3] Perturbative[3]

The Condensed Matter Physics of QCD
Author: Krishna Rajagopal (MIT), Frank Wilczek (MIT)  Language:
Important progress in understanding the behavior of hadronic matter at high density has been achieved recently, by adapting the techniques of condensed matter theory. At asymptotic densities, the comb . . . . .
Strong QCD and Dyson-Schwinger Equations
Author: Craig D. Roberts  Language:
The real-world properties of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) - the strongly-interacting piece of the Standard Model - are dominated by two emergent phenomena: confinement; namely, the theory's elemen . . . . .
The QCD equation of state from the lattice
Author: Owe Philipsen  Language:
The equation of state of QCD at finite temperatures and baryon densities has a wide range of applications in many fields of modern particle and nuclear physics. It is the main ingredient to describe t . . . . .
Introduction to QCD
Author: Peter Skands  Language:
These lectures were given at TASI 2012 and are directed at a level suitable for graduate students in High Energy Physics. They are intended to give an introduction to the theory and phenomenology of q . . . . .
Applied QCD
Author: B. Z. Kopeliovich, A. H. Rezaeian  Language:
These lectures stress the theoretical elements that underlie a wide range of phenomenological studies of high-energy QCD, which include both soft and hard processes. After a brief introduction to the . . . . .
An Introduction to QED & QCD
Author: N.J. Evans  Language:
The aim of this course is to teach you how to calculate transition amplitudes, cross sections and decay rates, for elementary particles in the highly successful theories of Quantum Electrodynamics ( . . . . .
Lecture notes on "Quantum chromodynamics and statistical physics"
Author: Stephane Munier  Language:
The concepts and methods used for the study of disordered systems have proven useful in the analysis of the evolution equations of quantum chromodynamics in the high-energy regime: Indeed, parton bran . . . . .
Collective perspective on advances in Dyson-Schwinger Equation QCD
Author: Adnan Bashir, Lei Chang, Ian C. Cloet, Bruno El-Bennich, Yu-xin   Language:
We survey contemporary studies of hadrons and strongly interacting quarks using QCD's Dyson-Schwinger equations, addressing: aspects of confinement and dynamical chiral symmetry breaking; the hadron s . . . . .
High energy scattering in Quantum Chromodynamics
Author: Francois Gelis, Tuomas Lappi, Raju Venugopalan  Language:
In this series of three lectures, we discuss several aspects of high energy scattering among hadrons in Quantum Chromodynamics. The first lecture is devoted to a description of the parton model, Bjork . . . . .
Quantum Chromodynamics
Author: Gerhard Ecker  Language:
After a brief historical review of the emergence of QCD as the quantum field theory of strong interactions, the basic notions of colour and gauge invariance are introduced leading to the QCD Lagrangia . . . . .
Introduction to the Pinch Technique
Author: Vincent Mathieu  Language:
These notes are a short introduction to the pinch technique. We present the one-loop calculations for basic QCD Green's functions. The equivalence between the pinch technique and the background field . . . . .
Color Transparency: past, present and future
Author: D. Dutta, K. Hafidi, M. Strikman  Language:
We review a unique prediction of Quantum Chromo Dynamics, called color transparency (CT), where the final (and/or initial) state interactions of hadrons with the nuclear medium must vanish for exclusi . . . . .
High energy nuclear interactions and QCD: an introduction
Author: D.E. Kharzeev, J. Raufeisen  Language:
The goal of these lectures, oriented towards the students just entering the field, is to provide an elementary introduction to QCD and the physics of nuclear interactions at high energies.
Quantum Chromodynamics
Author: A. Pich  Language:
These lectures provide an overview of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the $SU(3)_C$ gauge theory of the strong interactions.(51 pages)
Lectures on Quantum Chromodynamics
Author: Andrei Smilga  Language:
What the reader will find in this book is a profound discussion on the theoretical foundations of QCD with emphasis on the nonperturbative formulation of the theory.
Lectures on the foundations of QCD
Author: A.V. Smilga  Language:
The paper is withdrawn by the author. This was an embryon of the book which has now been published with World Scientific under the title \"Lectures on Quantum Chromodynamics\".
An Introduction to QFT, QED and QCD
Author: Jeff Forshaw  Language:
Introduzione alla teoria quantistica dei campi e all\\\'elettrodinamica quantistica.
Introduction to quantum field theory and quantum electrodynamics.
Recent Progress in QCD
Author: George Sterman  Language:
The past few years have seen remarkable progress in the theory and phenomenology of QCD, bringing perturbative and nonperturbative methods into closer contact with each other and with experiment.
A QCD Primer
Author: Guido Altarelli  Language:
1. Introduction 2. Massless QCD and Scale Invariance 3. The Renormalisation Group and Asymptotic Freedom 4. More on the Running Coupling 5. Application to Hard Processes 5.1 $R_{e^ e^-}$ and Related P . . . . .

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