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Tensor Analysis
Category :Tensor Analysis  Language: clicks: 5564
Tensor Analysis
Game Theory (Open Access textbook with 165 solved exercises)
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 5501
This is an Open Access textbook on non-cooperative Game Theory with 165 solved exercises.
Introduction to Vectors and Tensors, Vol. 1
Category : Algebra  Language: clicks: 5453
Introduction to Vectors and Tensors, Vol. 1 This work represents our effort to present the basic concepts of vector and tensor analysis. Volume I begins with a brief discussion of algebraic structures followed by a rather detailed discussion o . . . . .
Computational Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equatio
Category :Numerical Analysis  Language: clicks: 5447
Contents: 1 Numerical Solution of Elliptic Equations; 2 Time-Splitting Methods for Evolution Equations; 3 Various Miscellaneous Topics.
Differential Geometry and Relativity
Category :General Relativity  Language: clicks: 5355
Contents: Introduction; Curves; Gauss Curvature; Surfaces in E3; First Fundamental Form; Second Fundamental Form; The Gauss Curvature in Detail; Geodesics; The Curvature Tensor and the Theorema Egregi . . . . .
Lectures on Quantum Field Theory
Category :Quantum Field Theory  Language: clicks: 5312
These are notes from a 15 week course aimed at graduate mathematicians. They provide an essentially self-contained introduction to some of the ideas and terminology of QFT.
Proof in Mathematics: an Introduction
Category :Misc. Books  Language: clicks: 5281
Proof in Mathematics: an Introduction This is a small (98 page) textbook designed to teach mathematics and computer science students the basics of how to read and construct proofs. Why do students take the instruction "prove" . . . . .
Group theory for Maths, Physics and Chemistry students
Category :Group Theory  Language: clicks: 5263
Contents: Introduction; Permutation Groups ; Symmetry Groups in Euclidean Space; Representation Theory; Character Tables; Some compact Lie groups and their representations.
Introduction to Chaos
Category :Chaos Theory  Language: clicks: 5240
Contents: 1. Lorenz Model: an introduction to chaos; 2. The Pendulum: the language of dynamical systems; 3. Nonlinear Oscillators: quasiperiodicity and frequency locking; 4. One Dimensional Maps; 5. T . . . . .
Electronic Statistics Textbook
Category :Probability and Statistics  Language: clicks: 5229
This Electronic Statistics Textbook offers training in the understanding and application of statistics. The material was developed at the StatSoft R&D department based on many years of teaching underg . . . . .
Vector Calculus
Category :Calculus  Language: clicks: 5180
Contents: Introduction; Partial Differentiation; Curves and Surfaces; Line Integrals and Exact Differentials; Multiple Integrals; Vector Differential Operators; The Big Integral Theorems; Orthogonal . . . . .
Elementary Number Theory
Category :Number Theory  Language: clicks: 5146
Elementary Number Theory This is a textbook about prime numbers, congruences, basic public-key cryptography, quadratic reciprocity, continued fractions, elliptic curves, and number theory algorithms. We assume the reader has . . . . .
Free Elementary Number Theory textbook
Category :Number Theory  Language: clicks: 5043
Contents: Basic Axioms for Z; proof by induction; elementary divisibility properties; The floor and ceiling of a real number; The division algorithm; greatest common divisor; the eucledian algorithm; . . . . .
Lectures on Differential Geometry
Category :Differential Geometry  Language: clicks: 4990
Lectures on Differential Geometry Contents:Chapter 1. Manifolds 1.1 Review of calculus 1.2 Manifolds:definitions and examples 1.3 Vectors and differentials 1.4 Submanifolds 1.5 Riemann metrics Chapter 2. Tensor Calcu . . . . .
Reversible Markov Chains and Random Walks on Graphs
Category :Graph Theory  Language: clicks: 4942
Contents: Introduction; General Markov Chains; Reversible Markov Chains; Hitting and Convergence Time, and Flow Rate, Parameters for Reversible Markov Chains; coupling theory and examples; Special Gra . . . . .

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