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Standard Model: An Introduction
Category :Standard Model  Language: clicks: 2
They present a primer on the Standard Model of the electroweak interaction. Emphasis is given to the historical aspects of the theory\'s formulation.(101 pages)
Non Equilibrium Green's Functions for Dummies: Introduction to the One Particle NEGF equations
Category :Non-equilibrium systems  Language: clicks: 9
Non equilibrium Green's function methods are regularly used to calculate current and charge densities in nanoscale (both molecular and semiconductor) conductors under bias. This method is mainly used . . . . .
Physique des particules
Category :Particle Physics  Language: clicks: 10
Physique des particules Cet ouvrage contient l'essentiel du matériel couvert dans le cadre du cours de Physique des particules (PHY-10518) offert aux étudiants de dernière année du B.Sc. au Département de physique de l'U . . . . .
Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2022
Category :Aerospace engineering  Language: clicks: 10
Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade.
Category :Optics  Language: clicks: 11
A mathematical treatment of the modern theory of optics. Topics include Huygen's principle as applied to geometric optics, interference, diffraction, polarization, electromagnetic theory of light, th . . . . .
Strong-CouplIng Approaches to Correlated Fermions.
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 11
Strong-CouplIng Approaches to Correlated Fermions.
A new kind of science
Category :Miscellanea   Language: clicks: 11
A new kind of science A new kind of science
Advances in Knowledge Representation
Category :Miscellanea  Language: clicks: 12
Advances in Knowledge Representation Advances in Knowledge Representation offers a compilation of state of the art research works on topics such as concept theory, positive relational algebra and k-relations, structured, visual and ontol . . . . .
Introduction to Electronic Structure Methods
Category :Solid State Chemistry  Language: clicks: 12
Contents: Introduction to computational quantum chemistry; Basic Principles of quantum mechanics; Basis functions in quantum chemistry; An Introduction to Hartree Fock Theory; n Introduction to Config . . . . .
Quantum Magnetism Approaches to Strongly Correlated Electrons
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 13
Basic tools of quantum magnetism are introduced and used: spin coherent states path integral, spin wave theory, and continuum theory of rotators.The last lecture concerns pseudospin approaches . . . . .
Quantum Theory of Large Systems of Non-Relativistic Matter
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 13
Quantum Theory of Large Systems of Non-Relativistic Matter
Quantum Monte Carlo methods for the solution of the Schroedinger
Category :Computational Chemistry  Language: clicks: 13
This is a part of a book chapter soon to appear (2002) in the "Handbook for Numerical Analysis" volume dedicated to "Computational Chemistry" edited by Claude Le Bris. This review deals with some of t . . . . .
Notes on Quantum Mechanics
Category :Quantum Mechanics  Language: clicks: 13
The following notes introduce Quantum Mechanics at an advanced level addressing students of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering. The aim is to put mathematical concepts and tech . . . . .
Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 13
Contents: Introduction; Scales and Complexity; Quantum Fields: Overview Collective Quantum Fields; Conserved Particles; Simple Examples of Second-quantization; Greens Functions; Feynman Diagrams . . . . .
Graduate-Level Course in Game Theory
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 13
Contents: Strategic Form Games; Nonequilibrium Solution Concepts; Nash Equilibrium; Extensive-form Games; Repeated Games; Bayesian Games.

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