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Linear Matrix Inequalities in System and Control Theory
Category :Control Theory  Language: clicks: 1
	Linear Matrix Inequalities in System and Control Theory In this book the authors reduce a wide variety of problems arising in system and control theory to a handful of convex and quasiconvex optimization problems that involve linear matrix inequalities. Th . . . . .
Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW Method for the Spectral Properties of Complex Materials
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 10
The GWapproximation to the formally exact many-body perturbation theory has been applied successfully to materials for several decades. Since the practical calculations are extremely cumbersome, the . . . . .
Notes on Quantum Chemistry
Category :Quantum Chemistry  Language: clicks: 13
Notes on Quantum Chemistry Contents: A Brief Review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry; Computational Quantum Chemistry; An Introduction to Electronic Structure Theory; Atomic Term Symbols; Term Symbol Example; Elementary Linear . . . . .
Calculus: A modern, rigorous approach
Category :Calculus  Language: clicks: 14
Contents: Basics; Limits and Continuous Functions; Differentiation; Applications of Differentiation; Riemann Integration. Techniques of Integration; Improper Integrals; Series of Real Numbers; Series . . . . .
Python High Performance Programming
Category :Python  Language: clicks: 16
Contents: Benchmarking and Profiling; Fast Array Operations with NumPy; C Performance with Cython; Parallel Processing.
Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Complex Matter
Category :Electricity and Megnetism  Language: clicks: 18
Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Complex Matter This volume is based on the contributions of several authors in electromagnetic waves propagations. Several issues are considered. The contents of most of the chapters are highlighting non classic pre . . . . .
Non-linear response in extended systems: a real-time approach
Category :Nonlinear Optics  Language: clicks: 20
In this thesis we present a new formalism to study linear and non-linear response in extended systems. Our approach is based on real-time solution of an effective Schr"odinger equation. The coup . . . . .
Bash Guide for Beginners
Category :Shell Programming  Language: clicks: 21
Contents: Introduction; Chapter 1. Bash and Bash scripts; Chapter 2. Writing and debugging scripts; Chapter 3. The Bash environment; Chapter 4. Regular expressions; Chapter 5. The GNU sed stream edito . . . . .
Further Mathematical Methods
Category :Methods of Mathematical Physics  Language: clicks: 37
Further Mathematical Methods Contents: Classification of partial differential equations; Boundary and Initial Conditions; Fourier Series; Separation of variables on rectangular domains; DíAlembertís solution to the wave equation; . . . . .
The double well potential in quantum mechanics: a simple, numerically exact formulation
Category :Physics Education  Language: clicks: 38
The double well potential is arguably one of the most important potentials in quantum mechanics, because the solution contains the notion of a state as a linear superposition of `classical' states, a . . . . .
Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis
Category :Bioinformatics  Language: clicks: 41
Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis Contents: 1 Historical Introduction and Overview 2 Collecting and Storing Sequences in the Laboratory 3 Alignment of Pairs of Sequences 4 Multiple Sequence Alignment 5 Predictio . . . . .
Many-Body Perturbation Theory: The GW Approximation
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 43
In this lecture we present many-body perturbation theory as a method to determine quasiparticle excitations in solids, especially electronic band structures, accurately from first principles. The main . . . . .
Four lectures on computational statistical physics
Category :Computational Physics  Language: clicks: 43
In my lectures at the Les Houches Summer School 2008, I discussed central concepts of computational statistical physics, which I felt would be accessible to the very cross-cultural audience at the sch . . . . .
Simulation in Biology
Category :Biological Physics  Language: clicks: 44
An invitation to simulation is made into a realizable challenge: the reader is taken from scratch to games with words, to mathematical models, to statistical analysis, to simulation of evolution. . . . . .
Lessons in Particle Physics
Category :Particle Physics  Language: clicks: 51
Lecture notes for a course in elementary particles.

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