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The Confrontation between General Relativity and Experiment
Category :General Relativity  Language: clicks: 1
The status of experimental tests of general relativity and of theoretical frameworks for analyzing them are reviewed and updated. Einstein's equivalence principle (EEP) is well supported by exper . . . . .
Lecture Notes on General Relativity
Category :General Relativity  Language: clicks: 2
Contents: Introduction; Special Relativity and Flat Spacetime; Manifolds; Curvature; Gravitation; More Geometry; Weak Fields and Gravitational Radiation; The Schwarzschild Solution and Black Holes; Co . . . . .
Lecture Notes in Statistical Mechanics and Mesoscopics
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 4
These are the lecture notes for quantum and statistical mechanics courses that are given by DC at Ben-Gurion University. They are complementary to "Lecture Notes in Quantum Mechanics" [arXiv . . . . .
Molecular Biology Web Book
Category :Molecular Biology  Language: clicks: 5
Molecular Biology Web Book: Concise explanation of important concepts; Hundreds of links to free review articles for in-depth understanding; All chapters are free, including Genes and Disease which fo . . . . .
Practical PHP Programming
Category :Php  Language: clicks: 5
This book has been written with the goal of making the task of learning PHP something fun. It contains lots of information for newcomers as well as information on advanced functionality in PHP for vet . . . . .
The Linux Development Platform
Category :Linux  Language: clicks: 5
The Linux Development Platform shows how to choose the best open source and GNU development tools for your specific needs, and integrate them into a complete development environment that maximizes you . . . . .
Path Integral Methods and Applications
Category :Path Integral  Language: clicks: 7
These lectures are intended as an introduction to the technique of path integrals and their applications in physics. The audience is mainly first-year graduate students, and it is assumed that the rea . . . . .
Linux 101 Hacks eBook
Category :Linux  Language: clicks: 7
 Linux 101 Hacks eBook Contents: Powerful CD Command Hacks; Essential Linux Commands; SSH Commands and Tips; Date Manipulation; PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PROMPT_COMMAND; Archive and Compression; Command Line History; System Ad . . . . .
Lower K- and L-theory
Category :K-theory and L-theory  Language: clicks: 10
Contents: Introduction; Pro jective class and torsion; Graded and bounded categories; End invariants; Excision and transversality in K-morphism torsion; Open cones; K-theory of C1 (A); ; The Laurent . . . . .
Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Complex Matter
Category :Electricity and Megnetism  Language: clicks: 11
Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Complex Matter This volume is based on the contributions of several authors in electromagnetic waves propagations. Several issues are considered. The contents of most of the chapters are highlighting non classic pre . . . . .
Stochastic Integration And Stochastic Differential Equations
Category :Stochastic Processes  Language: clicks: 14
Stochastic Integration And Stochastic Differential Equations Contents: Introduction; Integrators and Martingales; Extension of the Integral; Control of Integral and Integrator; Stochastic Differential Equations; Complements to Measure Theory.
Machine Learning and Data Mining Lecture Notes
Category :Machine Learning  Language: clicks: 14
Contents: Introduction to Machine Learning; Linear Regression; Nonlinear Regression; Quadratics; Basic Probability Theory; Probability Density Functions; Estimation; Classification; Gradient Descent; . . . . .
Vassiliev invariants and combinatorial structures
Category :Knots  Language: clicks: 19
Contents: Lecture 1. Definition of Vassiliev invariants; Lecture 2. Four term relation; Lecture 3. Bialgebra of chord diagrams; Lecture 4. Primitive elements. Intersection graphs; Lecture 5. Bialgebr . . . . .
Statistical Physics
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 20
Contents: Classical Nonideal Gas; Dense Gases and the Liquid State; First Order Phase Transitions; Phase Transitions in Multicomponent Systems; Second Order Phase Transitions; Landau Theory; Fluctuat . . . . .
A Mathematical Approach to Classical Control
Category :Control Theory  Language: clicks: 25
Contents: An introduction to linear control theory; System representations and their properties; State-space representations (the time-domain); Transfer functions (the s-domain); Frequencyresponse(the . . . . .

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