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Rare region effects at classical, quantum, and non-equilibrium phase transitions
Category :Disordered Systems  Language: clicks: 0
Rare regions, i.e., rare large spatial disorder fluctuations, can dramatically change the properties of a phase transition in a quenched disordered system. In generic classical equilibrium systems, th . . . . .
Computational Fluid Dynamics Technologies and Applications
Category :Fluid Mechanics  Language: clicks: 0
Computational Fluid Dynamics Technologies and Applications This book is planned to publish with an objective to provide a state-of-art reference book in the area of computational fluid dynamics for CFD engineers, scientists, applied physicists and post-gradua . . . . .
Fluctuation-Dissipation: Response Theory in Statistical Physics
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 0
General aspects of the Fluctuation-Dissipation Relation ( FDR), and Response The- ory are considered. After analyzing the conceptual and hist orical relevance of fluc- tuations in statistical mech . . . . .
Statistical mechanics of two-dimensional and geophysical flows
Category :Fluid Mechanics  Language: clicks: 3
The theoretical study of the self-organization of two-dimensional and geophysical turbulent flows is addressed based on statistical mechanics methods. This review is a self-contained presentation of c . . . . .
Monte Carlo: Basics
Category :Monte Carlo  Language: clicks: 5
An introduction to the basics of Monte Carlo is given. The topics covered include, sample space, events, probabilities, random variables, mean, variance, covariance, characteristic function, chebyshev . . . . .
Transport in Single Channel Quantum Wires
Category :Quantum Wires  Language: clicks: 19
This tutorial article gives an introduction to the methods needed to treat interacting electrons in a quantum wire with a single occupied band. Since one-dimensional Fermions cannot be described in te . . . . .
Critical Phenomena: An Introduction from a modern perspective
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 24
This lecture gives an introduction to critical phenomena that emphasizes the emergence of and the role played by diverging length-scales.
Random-Field Ising Models of Hysteresis
Category :Ising Model  Language: clicks: 38
This is a review article of our work on hysteresis, avalanches, and criticality. We provide an extensive introduction to scaling and renormalization--group ideas, and discuss analytical and numerical . . . . .
The Hubbard Model: Introduction and Selected Rigorous Results
Category :Hubbard and tJ models  Language: clicks: 42
An article accessible to nonexperts by describing basic definitions and elementary materials in detail.
Inflationary cosmology and structure formation
Category :Inflationary Universe Models  Language: clicks: 43
These lectures cover the basics of inflationary models for the early universe, concentrating particularly on the generation of density fluctuations from scalar-field dynamics. The subsequent gravitati . . . . .
The lecture notes in MD Simulation Methods
Category :Molecular Dynamics  Language: clicks: 44
Contents: Mathematical tools; Basic concepts; Monte Carlo method; Molecular Dynamics method; Simple systems; Dynamic systems; Rigid molecules; Flexible molecules; Molecular force fields.
Semiconductor Spintronics
Category :Spintronics  Language: clicks: 44
Spintronics refers commonly to phenomena in which the spin of electrons in a solid state environment plays the determining role. In a more narrow sense spintronics is an emerging research field of ele . . . . .
The Physics of Neutrinos
Category :Particle Physics  Language: clicks: 44
These lecture notes are based on a course given at Institut de Physique Th'eorique of CEA/Saclay in January/February 2013.
Dynamical Mean-Field Theory of Electronic Correlations in Models and Materials
Category :DMFT  Language: clicks: 45
The concept of electronic correlations plays an important role in modern condensed matter physics. It refers to interaction effects which cannot be explained within a static mean-field picture as prov . . . . .
Networks and Networking - A Statistical Physics Perspective
Category :Biological Networks  Language: clicks: 46
Efficient networking in communication systems, both wired and wireless, has a substantial economic and societal impact. While communication networks become increasingly more complex, the ever increasi . . . . .

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