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The Hubbard Model: Introduction and Selected Rigorous Results
Category :Hubbard and tJ models  Language: clicks: 2
An article accessible to nonexperts by describing basic definitions and elementary materials in detail.
Networks and Networking - A Statistical Physics Perspective
Category :Biological Networks  Language: clicks: 2
Efficient networking in communication systems, both wired and wireless, has a substantial economic and societal impact. While communication networks become increasingly more complex, the ever increasi . . . . .
Dynamical Mean-Field Theory of Electronic Correlations in Models and Materials
Category :DMFT  Language: clicks: 3
The concept of electronic correlations plays an important role in modern condensed matter physics. It refers to interaction effects which cannot be explained within a static mean-field picture as prov . . . . .
Towards Ab-initio Calculation of Electron Energies in Semiconductor
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 3
Contents: introduction; Green-function approach to many-electron systems; properties of self-energy function in GW scheme; towards actual calculation of GW self-energy in the quasi-particle approximat . . . . .
Review of Particle Physics
Category :Particle Physics  Language: clicks: 4
This biennial Review summarizes much of particle physics. Using data from previous editions, plus 2633 new measurements from 689 papers, we list, evaluate, and average measured properties of gauge b . . . . .
The GW method
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 4
Calculations of ground-state and excited-state properties of materials have been one of the major goals of condensed matter physics. Ground-state properties of solids have been extensively investigate . . . . .
Elementary Particle Physics
Category :Particle Physics  Language: clicks: 4
Contents: Introduction; Order of Magnitude Calculations; Reaction rates and Cross Section; The Electromagnetic Interaction; e e−→Hadrons, R, Color etc; The Weak Interaction. I; STRANGENESS . . . . .
Strongly Correlated Electron Materials: Dynamical Mean-Field Theory and Electronic Structure
Category :DMFT  Language: clicks: 4
These are introductory lectures to some aspects of the physics of strongly correlated electron systems. I first explain the main reasons for strong correlations in several classes of materials. The ba . . . . .
Electronic Structure Calculation by First Principles for Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Category :DMFT  Language: clicks: 4
Recent trends of ab initio studies and progress in methodologies for electronic structure calculations of strongly correlated electron systems are discussed. The interest for developing efficient meth . . . . .
Correlation effects in solids from first principles
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 4
First principles calculations of bandstructures of crystals are usually based on one-particle theories where the electrons are assumed to move in some effective potential. The most commonly used metho . . . . .
Inflationary cosmology and structure formation
Category :Inflationary Universe Models  Language: clicks: 5
These lectures cover the basics of inflationary models for the early universe, concentrating particularly on the generation of density fluctuations from scalar-field dynamics. The subsequent gravitati . . . . .
Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics
Category :Semiconductor Physics  Language: clicks: 5
Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics Contents: Introduction; The Basics of Semiconductors; Semiconductor Crystal Structures; Semiconductor Junctions; Finite Barrier Quantum Well; Radiative Recombination; Density of States; Edge-emitting . . . . .
The evolving monogram on Many Body Physics
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 5
Contents: Scales and Complexity; Quantum Fields: Overview Collective Quantum Fields; Conserved Particles; Simple Examples of Second-quantization; Greens Functions; Feynman Diagrams: T=0; Finite Tem . . . . .
Collective perspective on advances in Dyson-Schwinger Equation QCD
Category :QCD  Language: clicks: 5
We survey contemporary studies of hadrons and strongly interacting quarks using QCD's Dyson-Schwinger equations, addressing: aspects of confinement and dynamical chiral symmetry breaking; the hadron s . . . . .
Electronic Structure Calculations using Dynamical Mean Field Theory
Category :DMFT  Language: clicks: 5
The calculation of electronic properties of materials is an important task of solid state theory, albeit particularly difficult if electronic correlations are strong, for example in transition metals, . . . . .

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