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Strong-CouplIng Approaches to Correlated Fermions.
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 7
Strong-CouplIng Approaches to Correlated Fermions.
Classical Electrodynamics: A Tutorial on its Foundations
Category :Electricity and Megnetism  Language: clicks: 8
They display the fundamental structure of classical electrodynamics.Starting from the axioms of (1) electric charge conservation, (2) the existence of a Lorentz force density, and (3) magnetic flux c . . . . .
Aspects of the ergodic, qualitative,statistical theory of motion
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 9
Aspects of the ergodic, qualitative and statistical theory of motion.
Bosonization of Interacting Fermions in Arbitrary Dimensions
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 10
This review is a summary of my work (partially in collaboration with Kurt Schoenhammer) on higher-dimensional bosonization during the years 1994-1996. It has been published as a book entitled "Bosoniz . . . . .
Introduction to Solid-State Physics
Category :Solid State Physics  Language: clicks: 11
Introduction to Solid-State Physics Introduction to solid state physics, contents: review of quantum mechanics, broken traslation invariance in solids, electronic bands.
Category :Quatum Field Theory  Language: clicks: 12
This is a free comprehensive textbook on quantum (and classical) field theory. The approach is pragmatic, rather than traditional or artistic. For more details, including download information and erra . . . . .
Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics
Category :Semiconductor Physics  Language: clicks: 12
Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics Contents: Introduction; The Basics of Semiconductors; Semiconductor Crystal Structures; Semiconductor Junctions; Finite Barrier Quantum Well; Radiative Recombination; Density of States; Edge-emitting . . . . .
Heat and Thermodynamics
Category :Thermodynamics  Language: clicks: 12
Contents: Introductory Remarks; Partial Derivatives; Temperature; Thermal Conduction; Thermodynamic Processes; Properties of Gases; The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics; Heat Capacity, and the . . . . .
Classical Mechanics: An introductory course
Category :Mechanics  Language: clicks: 12
Classical Mechanics: An introductory course A complete set of lecture notes for an lower-division classical mechanics course. Topics covered include one-dimensional motion, three-dimensional motion, Newton's laws of motion, energy and momentum . . . . .
Introduction to the field theory of classical and quantum phase transitions
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 12
These lecture notes provide a relatively self-contained introduction to field theoretic methods employed in the study of classical and quantum phase transitions.
Doped Semiconductors: Role of Disorder
Category :Semiconductor Physics  Language: clicks: 13
Contents: I Lightly Doped Semiconductors; Isolated impurity states; Localization of electronic states; Impurity band for lightly doped semiconductors; DC hopping conductance ...; Percolation theory; . . . . .
Many-Particle Physics
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 13
Contents: introduction material; Green's functions at zero temperature; Green's function at finite temperature; electron gas; physical quantities based on the Energy or self-Energy; The current curr . . . . .
Quantum Theory of Large Systems of Non-Relativistic Matter
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 14
Quantum Theory of Large Systems of Non-Relativistic Matter
Electrostatic correlations: from Plasma to Biology
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 14
Electrostatic correlations play an important role in physics, chemistry and biology. In plasmas they lead to thermodynamic instability similar to the liquid-gas phase transition of simple molecular fl . . . . .
The evolving monogram on Many Body Physics
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 14
Contents: Scales and Complexity; Quantum Fields: Overview Collective Quantum Fields; Conserved Particles; Simple Examples of Second-quantization; Greens Functions; Feynman Diagrams: T=0; Finite Tem . . . . .

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