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An Introduction to Quantum Game Theory
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 17
This essay gives a self-contained introduction to quantum game theory, and is primarily oriented to economists with little or no acquaintance with quantum mechanics. It assumes little more than a basi . . . . .
Evolutionary games on graphs
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 19
Game theory is one of the key paradigms behind many scientific disciplines from biology to behavioral sciences to economics. In its evolutionary form and especially when the interacting agents are lin . . . . .
The Minority Game: an introductory guide
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 20
The Minority Game is a simple model for the collective behavior of agents in an idealized situation where they have to compete through adaptation for a finite resource. This review summarizes the stat . . . . .
Combinatorics and algebra of tensor calculus
Category :Calculus  Language: clicks: 20
In this paper, motivated by the theory of operads and PROPs we reveal the combinatorial nature of tensor calculus for strict tensor categories and show that there exists a monad which is descr . . . . .
Games, Fixed Points and Mathematical Economics
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 21
Contents: Games; Brouwer’s Fixed Point Theorem and Nash’s Equilibrium Theorem; More general Equilibrium Theorems; Cooperative Games; Differential Games.
Metric and Topological Spaces
Category :Topology  Language: clicks: 21
The syllabus for the course is defined by the Faculty Board Schedules (which are minimal for lecturing and maximal for examining). What is presented here contains some results which it would not, in . . . . .
Stochastic Differential Equations: Models and Numerics
Category :Stochastic differential equation  Language: clicks: 23
The goal of this course is to give useful understanding for solving problems formulated by stochastic differential equations models in science, engineering and mathematical finance. Typically, these . . . . .
The Calculus Bible
Category :Calculus  Language: clicks: 25
The Calculus Bible is an elementary calculus textbook from Professor G. S. Gill. Contents: Functions; Limits and Continuity; Differentiation; Applications of Differentiation; The Definite Integral; . . . . .
Lectures on singular stochastic PDEs
Category :Probability Theory  Language: clicks: 26
These are the notes for a course at the 18th Brazilian School of Probability held from August 3rd to 9th, 2014 in Mambucaba. The aim of the course is to introduce the basic problems of non--linear PD . . . . .
Around the boundary of complex dynamics
Category :Dynamical Systems  Language: clicks: 26
We introduce the exciting field of complex dynamics at an undergraduate level while reviewing, reinforcing, and extending the ideas learned in an typical first course on complex analysis. Julia sets a . . . . .
Aleatoire: Introduction à la théorie et au calcul des probabilités
Category :Probability Theory  Language: clicks: 31
Table de matière: Introduction; space de probabilité; Espace fini ou dénombrable; Variables aléatoires réelles et Vecteurs aléatoires; Convergences et loi des grands nombres; Fonctions caractéristique . . . . .
Lectures on Entire Functions
Category :Analysis  Language: clicks: 37
Lectures on Entire Functions Contents: Part I. Entire Functions of Finite Order; Part II. Entire Functions of Exponential Type; Part III. Some Additional Problems of the Theory of Entire Functions.
Integrable Systems and Riemann Surfaces
Category :Integrable Systems  Language: clicks: 39
Contents: KdV equation and Schr ̈dinger operator; Riemann surfaces and theta-functions; Baker - Akhiezer functions and differential equations.
Category : Algebra  Language: clicks: 40
Contents: 1 Gleichungen kleinen Grades; 2 Halbgruppen; 3 Gruppen; 4 Normalteiler und Faktorgruppen; 5 Normalreihen; 6 Gruppenoperationen; 7 Permutationsgruppen; 8 Die Konstruktion der ganzen Zahle . . . . .
Distributions, analyse de Fourier, equations aux derivees partielles
Category :Fourier Analysis  Language: clicks: 44
Distributions, analyse de Fourier, equations aux derivees partielles.

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