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Computational Hydraulics
Category :Hydraulics  Language: clicks: 32
Contents: Governing equations; The finite-volume method; Turbulence modelling; The CFD process.
Greening IT
Category :Environmental engineering  Language: clicks: 41
Greening IT Greening IT is an interntionally collaborative, non-profit, creative commons licensed book dedicated to the preservation of the most important resource – planet earth itself.
Tribology in Engineering
Category :Mechanics  Language: clicks: 44
Tribology in Engineering The main goal in preparing this book was to publish contemporary concepts, new discoveries and innovative ideas in the field of surface engineering, predominantly for the technical applications, as we . . . . .
802.11ac: A Survival Guide
Category :Telecommunication Networks  Language: clicks: 48
802.11ac: A Survival Guide 802.11ac: A Survival Guide
The Data Conversion Handbook
Category :Miscellaneous  Language: clicks: 50
The Data Conversion Handbook The Data Conversion Handbook, edited by Walt Kester (Newnes, 2005), is written for design engineers who routinely use data converters and related circuitry. Comprising Data Converter History, Fundamen . . . . .
Mobile Networks
Category :Reti e Internet  Language: clicks: 52
Mobile Networks The growth in the use of mobile networks has come mainly with the third generation systems and voice traffic. With the current third generation and the arrival of the 4G, the number of mobile users in . . . . .
Explosive Engineering
Category :Explosive Engineering  Language: clicks: 56
Contents: Explosive chemistry & Thermochemistry; Shockwave Physics; Detonation Physics; Spalling concept; Surface Mining; Timing and Blast design; Surface Blast Optimization Calculator; Introduction . . . . .
Nanoscale data storage
Category :Nanostorage  Language: clicks: 57
The object of this article is to review the development of ultrahigh-density, nanoscale data storage, i.e., nanostorage. As a fundamentally new type of storage system, the recording mechanisms of nano . . . . .
Wireless Networking in the Developing World
Category :Reti e Internet  Language: clicks: 64
Wireless Networking in the Developing World Wireless Networking in the Developing World is a free book about designing, implementing, and maintaining low-cost wireless networks. This book is a practical guide to designing and building wireless . . . . .
Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2022
Category :Aerospace engineering  Language: clicks: 66
Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade.
Statistical Physics: a Short Course for Electrical Engineering Students
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 82
This is a set of lecture notes of a course on statistical physics and thermodynamics, which is oriented, to a certain extent, towards electrical engineering students. The main body of the lectures is . . . . .
Centrales Térmicas
Category :Energy Technology   Language: clicks: 87
Sumario: Introducción a las centrales térmicas; Transformaciones termodinámicas; Dinámica de Fluidos; Transmision de Calor; Intercambiadores de Calor; Vaporizacion; Materiales utilizados en los Genera . . . . .
Category :Naval Architecture  Language: clicks: 87
INTRODUCTION IN SHIP HYDROMECHANICS This preliminary text book is a ...rst attempt to provide a short introduction in ship hy- dromechanics for Maritime Engineering students (second year) at the Delft University of Technology. Topics . . . . .
Power Electronics: Devices, Drivers, Applications, and Passive Components
Category :Electronics  Language: clicks: 92
Contents: 1. Basic Semiconductor Physics and Technology 2. The pn Junction 3. Power Switching Devices and their Static Electrical Characteristics 4. Electrical Ratings and Characteristics of Power . . . . .
Engineering Reliability-New Techniques and Applications
Category :Reliability engineering  Language: clicks: 92
Contents: Introduction; Reliability Mathematics; Fundamental Concepts in Reliability Engineering; Fault Trees and Common Cause Failures;Software Reliability; Mechanical Reliability; Human Reliability; . . . . .

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