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Differential Geometry and Relativity

Author: Bob Gardner
Url: http://www.etsu.edu/math/gardner/5310/notes.htm
Format: Ps
Category: General Relativity, Thoery of Relativity
Pages: 150
Clicks: 33

Contents: Introduction; Curves; Gauss Curvature; Surfaces in E3; First Fundamental Form; Second Fundamental Form; The Gauss Curvature in Detail; Geodesics; The Curvature Tensor and the Theorema Egregium; Manifolds; Special Relativity: The Geometry of Flat Spacetime; Inertial Frames of Reference. The Michelson Morley Experiment. The Postulates of Relativity. Relativity of Simltaneity; Coordinates; Invariance of the Interval; The Lorentz Transformation; Spacetime Diagrams; Lorentz Geometry; The Twin Paradox; Temporal order and Causality; General Relativity: The Geometry of Curved Spacetime; The Principle of Equivalence ; Gravity as Spacetime Curvature; The Consequences of Einstein\'s Theory; Geodesics; The Field Equations; The Schwarzschild Solution; Orbits in General Relativity; The Bending of Light.

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