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Queueing Theory

Author: Ivo Adan and Jacques Resing
Url: http://www.cs.duke.edu/~fishhai/misc/queue.pdf
Format: Pdf
Category: Queueing Theory
Pages: 180
Clicks: 3039

In these lectures our attention is restricted to models with one queue. Situations with multiple queues are treated in the course \Networks of queues." More advanced techniques for the exact, approximative and numerical analysis of queueing models are the subject of the course \Algorithmic methods in queueing theory." The organization is as follows. Chapter 2 first discusses a number of basic concepts and results from probability theory that we will use. The most simple interesting queueing model is treated in chapter 4, and its multi server version is treated in the next chapter. Models with more general service or interarrival time distributions are analysed in the chapters 6, 7 and 8. Some simple variations on these models are discussed in chapter 10. Chapter 9 is devoted to queueing models with priority rules. The last chapter discusses some insentive systems. The text contains a lot of exercises and the reader is urged to try these exercises. This is really necessary to acquire skills to model and analyse new situations.

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