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Tutorial and Cookbook

Url: http://www-cdf.fnal.gov/offline/PostScript/BLUEBOOK.PDF
Format: Pdf
Category: PostScript
Pages: 242
Clicks: 1212

This book actually contains two documents: the POSTSCRIPT Language Tutorial and the POSTSCRIPT Language Cookbook. The tutorial provides an easy, informal introduction to the POSTSCRIPT language and its graphics primitives. The tutorialís style and level of presentation is aimed at programmers who wish to design and implement applications, such as word processing packages, graphics illustrators, and CAD/CAM drawing systems. It is interactively oriented, and written with the assumption that you, the reader, already know how to program. You are encouraged to try variations of the examples presented in the tutorial on a POSTSCRIPT printer as you work your way through the book. The cookbook is, as its name suggests, a collection of programs that are offered as examples of POSTSCRIPT usage. These samples have been chosen both as illustrations of the functional range of POSTSCRIPT and as useful ingredients for inclusion in application packages that you design. The cookbook samples demonstrate techniques for rendering quality graphics, achieving effective typography with digital fonts, and maintaining true device independence. Again, you are encouraged to experiment with variations of these samples on a POSTSCRIPT printer as you develop your own applications.

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