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Strongly correlated electrons

Author: Peter Fulde, Peter Thalmeier, Gertrud Zwicknagl
Url: http://arxiv.org/abs/cond-mat/0607165
Format: Ps,Pdf
Category: Strongly Interacting Systems
Pages: 207
Clicks: 82

We review theoretical concepts and models for materials with strongly correlated d- or f electrons. We discuss low-energy effective models and the renormalized band method for Ce-based Kondo lattice systems. They are applied to the analysis of associated magnetic and superconducting instabilities. In addititon quantum phase transitions are investigated. Special emphasis is given to the partial localisation of 5f electrons in U compounds and its consequences for unconventional superconductivity. Wigner crystallisation in the homogeneous electron gas and its generalisation to 4f pnictide and 3d oxide materials is covered extensively. We analyse simultaneous charge order and lattice instabilities in geometrically frustrated V-oxide spinels. Using a spinless fermion model we also discuss the emergence of fractional charges in the frustrated pyrochlore or checkerboard lattice. Finally we focus on the signature of strong electronic correlations in high-energy excitations.

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