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Quantum Physics

Author: Jim Branson
Url: http://chaos.fiz.uni-lj.si/~horvat/physics/l_qphys.pdf
Format: Pdf
Category: Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Pages: 474
Clicks: 2075

Contents: The problems with classical physics; diffraction; The solution: probability amplitudes; wave packets; operators; The Schroedinger equation; Eigenfunctions, eigenvalues and spaces; one dimensional potentials; harmonic oscillator solution with operators; more fun with operators; angular momentum; the radial equation and constant potentials; hydrogen; 3D symmetric HO in spherical coordinates; operators matrices and spin; electrons in electromagnetic field; addition of angular momentum; time independent perturbation theory; fine structure of hydrogen; hyperfine structure; helium atom; atomic physics; molecular physics ; time dependent perturbation theory; radiation of atoms; scattering; classical scalar field; classical maxwell fields; quantum theory of radiation; scattering of photons; electron self energy operator; Dirac equation; formulas.

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