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Statistical Tools for Finance and Insurance

Author: P. Cizek, W. Härdle, R. Weron
Url: http://www.xplore-stat.de/ebooks/e-books_mva.html
Format: Html, Pdf
Year: 2005
Category: Statistics
Clicks: 854

Contents: Part I Finance 1 Stable Distributions 2 Extreme Value Analysis and Copulas 3 Tail Dependence 4 Pricing of Catastrophe Bonds 5 Common Functional IV Analysis 6 Implied Trinomial Trees 7 Heston's Model and the Smile 8 FFT-based Option Pricing 9 Valuation of Mortgage Backed Securities 10 Predicting Bankruptcy with Support Vector Machines 11 Modelling Indonesian Money Demand 12 Nonparametric Productivity Analysis Part II Insurance 13 Loss Distributions 14 Modeling of the Risk Process 15 Ruin Probabilities in Finite and Infinite Time 16 Stable Diffusion Approximation of the Risk Process 17 Risk Model of Good and Bad Periods 18 Premiums in the Individual and Collective Risk Models 19 Pure Risk Premiums under Deductibles 20 Premiums, Investments, and Reinsurance Part III General 21 Working with the XQC.

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