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Statistical Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics
Author: Professor M. Tuckerman
Url: http://www.nyu.edu/classes/tuckerman/stat.mech/lectures.html
Format: Html, Pdf
Category: Statistical Mechanics
Pages: 280
Clicks: 196

Contents: Classical microstates, Newtonian, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, ensemble concept; Liouville's Theorem, non-Hamiltonian systems, the microcanonical ensemble; Thermal equilibrium; the arrow of time: Classical virial theorem; Legendre transforms; the canonical ensemble; Estimators, energy fluctuations, the isothermal-isobaric ensemble; The classical ideal gas; The grand canonical ensemble; Structure and distribution functions in classical liquids and gases; Distribution functions in classical liquids and gases (cont'd); Distribution functions and perturbation theory; Reaction coordinates and free energy profiles; Review of the postulates of quantum mechanics; Basic principles of quantum statistical mechanics; The path integral formulation of quantum statistical mechanics; The path integral formulation (cont'd) functional integrals; Expansion about the classical path and the saddle-point approximation; Expectation values and thermodynamics from path integrals; The quantum ideal gases -- general formulation; The ideal fermion gas; The ideal boson gas; Classical linear response theory, time correlation functions and transport coefficients; Absorption/emission spectra and quantum time correlation functions; Quantum linear response theory; The generalized Langevin equation and vibrational dephasing; Overview of critical phenomena; the Ising model; Mean field theory and exact solution of the Ising model; Introduction to the renormalization group and scaling; Linearized RG theory, universality, and scaling relations.

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