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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: applications to organic chemistry

Author: Roberts, John D.
Url: http://caltechbook.library.caltech.edu/98/
Format: Pdf
Year: 1959
Category: Nuclear Chemistry
Clicks: 3105

This brief book is the outgrowth of some forty lectures in which it was attempted to explain the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance absorption and the uses of high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to organic chemists whose background, like that of the author, has often been deficient in nuclear and electromagnetic theory. Quite a number of suggestions were received for presentation of the material in printed form with illustrations based on the lecture slides. This has now been done, and it is hoped that the result will be of service to practicing chemists and students as a guide to various applications of NMR spectroscopy and an introduction to more authoritative works. Throughout, the coverage is illustrative rather than comprehensive.

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