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A course in game theory

A course in game theory
Author: by Martin J. Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein
Url: http://www.economics.utoronto.ca/osborne/cgt/index.html
Format: Pdf
Year: 1994
Category: Game Theory
Pages: 368
Clicks: 68

A course in game theory by Martin J. Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein is published by MIT Press (which maintains a page about the book). The book presents the main ideas of game theory at a level suitable for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. It emphasizes the theory's foundations and interpretations of its basic concepts. Precise definitions and full proofs of results are provided; generality is sacrificed and the scope of the material is limited in order to do so. The text is organized in four parts: strategic games, extensive games with perfect information, extensive games with imperfect information, and coalitional games.The book includes more than 100 exercises.

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