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Variational wave functions for frustrated magnetic models

Author: Federico Becca, Luca Capriotti, Alberto Parola, Sandro Sorella
Url: http://arxiv.org/abs/0905.4854
Format: Ps,Pdf
Year: 2009
Category: Quantum Monte Carlo, Quantum magnetism
Pages: 29
Clicks: 2376

Variational wave functions containing electronic pairing and suppressed charge fluctuations (i.e., projected BCS states) have been proposed as the paradigm for disordered magnetic systems (including spin liquids). Here we discuss the general properties of these states in one and two dimensions, and show that different quantum phases may be described with high accuracy by the same class of variational wave functions, including dimerized and magnetically ordered states. In particular, phases with magnetic order may be obtained from a straightforward generalization containing both antiferromagnetic and superconducting order parameters, as well as suitable spin Jastrow correlations. In summary, projected wave functions represent an extremely flexible tool for understanding the physics of low-dimensional magnetic systems.

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