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Introduction to Data Communications

Introduction to Data Communications
Author: Eugene Blanchard
Url: http://learnat.sait.ab.ca/ict/txt_information/Intro2dcRev2/index.html
Format: Html
Year: 2007
Category: Telecommunication Networks
Clicks: 96

Contents: Data Communications; Introduction to Networking; Criteria for a Data Communication Network; Tools to Understand Data Communications; Physical Connection; Transmission Media - Unguided; Line Encoding; Standard Digital Codes; Timing; Asynchronous Communications; RS-232D Serial Interface Standard; RS-232D Flow Control ; Voice Channel Communications; Telephone Networks; Telephone Line Characteristics; Line Impairments; Modems; AT Command Set; Modulation Techniques; Modem Modulation; ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network; ADSL - Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line; Cable Modems; Multiplexing; Frame Relay; Synchronous Transmission; X.25; Basic Frame Structure; Physical Layer; IEEE-802.3 Protocol; Packet Sniffing; IEEE 802.2 LLC - Logical Link Control Layer; Network Interface Cards; Repeaters; Hubs; Bridges; Ethernet Switches (Switching Hubs); Routers; Brouters (Bridge/Routers); Gateway; Token Ring; The Suite of TCP/IP Protocols.

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