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Electromechanical Dynamics

Electromechanical Dynamics
Author: Herbert H. Woodson and James R. Melcher
Url: http://ocw.mit.edu/resources/res-6-003-electromechanical-dynamics-spring-2009/index.htm#description
Format: Pdf
Year: 1968
Category: Electromechanics
Pages: 900
Clicks: 1678

First published in 1968 by John Wiley and Sons, Inc., Electromechanical Dynamics discusses the interaction of electromagnetic fields with media in motion. The subject combines classical mechanics and electromagnetic theory and provides opportunities to develop physical intuition. The book uses examples that emphasize the connections between physical reality and analytical models. Types of electromechanical interactions covered include rotating machinery, plasma dynamics, the electromechanics of biological systems, and magnetoelasticity. The book contains also exercises.

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