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Notes on di erential geometry

Author: Matt Visser
Url: http://msor.victoria.ac.nz/twiki/pub/Courses/MATH464_2011T1/WebHome/notes-464-2011.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 2011
Category: Differential Geometry
Pages: 246
Clicks: 1502

In this course I will present an overview of diff erential geometry, also known as the theory of manifolds, (sometimes loosely known as non-Euclidean geometry or Riemannian geometry, but that is actually a somewhat more specialized topic). Be aware that these are notes, not a full textbook, and I currently make no pretense or claim of completeness... Be aware that this course is designed as a lead-in to a course on general relativity and cosmology - this will unaviodably flavour the topics I choose to emphasise.

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