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Topology of Stratified Spaces

Author: Edited by Greg Friedman, Eugénie Hunsicker, Anatoly Libgober, an
Url: http://library.msri.org/books/Book58/contents.html
Format: Pdf
Category: Topology
Pages: 500
Clicks: 1453

Contents:An introduction to L cohomology; The almost closed range condition; Rigidity of differential operators and Chern numbers of singular varieties; Hodge theory meets the minimal model program: a survey of log canonical and du Bois singularities; Elliptic genera, real algebraic varieties and quasi-Jacobi forms; The weight filtration for real algebraic varieties; On the Milnor classes of complex hypersurfaces; An introduction to intersection homology with general perversity functions; The signature of singular spaces and its refinements to generalized homology theories; Intersection homology Wang sequence; An exponential history of functions with logarithmic growth; Motivic characteristic classes; Characteristic classes of mixed Hodge modules; Open problems.

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