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Introductory Physical Chemistry I

Author: David Ronis
Url: http://ronispc.chem.mcgill.ca/ronis/chem223/course_pac.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 2011
Category: Physical Chemistry
Pages: 129
Clicks: 2490

Contents: General Information; Kubo’s Divertissements; Divertissement 1: Founders of the first law of thermodynamics; Divertissement 2: Why do we have winter heating?; Divertissement 3: Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot; Divertissement 4: Absolute Temperature; Divertissement 8: On the names of thermodynamic functions; Probability and Statistics; Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution; Collision Rates, Mean Free Path, Diffusion, and Viscosity; Collision Theory of the Rate Constant; Notes on the First Law of Thermodynamics; Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics; Some Definitions; Euler’s Theorem, Partial Molar Quantities; Work and Heat in Thermodynamics; Energy in Classical Mechanics; The First Law of Thermodynamics; Thermochemistry; Enthalpy Calculations: Chemical Reactions and Hess’ Law; Measuring DH0f ; Reactions at Different Temperatures: Kirchoff’s Law; Bond Energies

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