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A Window into Zeta and Modular Physics

Author: Edited by Klaus Kirsten and Floyd L. Williams
Url: http://library.msri.org/books/Book57/contents.html
Format: Pdf
Category: Methods of Mathematical Physics
Pages: 340
Clicks: 1608

This book provides an introduction, with applications, to three interconnected mathematical topics: • zeta functions in their rich variety: those of Riemann, Hurwitz, Barnes, Epstein, Selberg, and Ruelle, plus graph zeta functions; • modular forms: Eisenstein series, Hecke and Dirichlet L-functions, Ra- manujan’s tau function, and cusp forms; • vertex operator algebras: correlation functions, quasimodular forms, mod- ular invariance, rationality, and some current research topics including higher-genus conformal field theory.

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