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Planning Algorithms

Planning Algorithms
Author: S. M. LaValle
Url: http://profs.sci.univr.it/~fiorini/corsi/robotica/planning_bookbig.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 2004
Category: Artificial Intelligence
Pages: 582
Clicks: 1346

The text is written primarily for computer science and engineering students at the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate level. It is also intended as an introduction to recent techniques for researchers and developers in robotics and artificial intelligence. It is expected that the presentation here would be of interest to those working in other areas such as computational biology (drug design, protein folding), virtual prototyping, and computer graphics. I have attempted to make the book as self-contained and readable as possible. Advanced mathematical concepts (beyond concepts typically learned by under- graduates in computer science and engineering) are introduced and explained. For readers with deeper mathematical interests, directions for further study are given at the end of some chapters.

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