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Nonequilibrium Relativistic Quantum Many-Body Theory

Author: Hendrik van Hees
Url: http://th.physik.uni-frankfurt.de/~hees/publ/off-eq-qft.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 2013
Category: Many body
Pages: 149
Clicks: 777

The following manuscript aims at an introduction to modern methods in relativistic quantum many- body theory. In this manuscript we introduce many-body techniques, using relativistic quantum field theory, em- phasizing the socalled real-time formulation , which allows the investigation of dynamical properties of quantum systems. We start with a thorough discussion of thermal equilibrium , where the closed real time-path formalism of Schwinger and Keldysh is extended by an imaginary-time path , lead- ing to a unification of the real-time methods with the older imaginary-time (Matsubara) formalism via analytic continuition. Later, we shall consider more generall off-equilibrium situations , concentrat- ing on the derivation of semiclassical transport equations from the underlying microscopic quantum- field theoretical models. Despite its great practical applicability to the analysis of many-body systems off thermal equilibrium, it also helps to answer the fundamental question, how the classical descrip- tion of matter and fields (mostly the electromagnetic field) emerges from the underlying fundamental quantum theory.

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