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Optical Prop erties of Solids

Author: M. S. Dresselhaus
Url: http://web.mit.edu/course/6/6.732/www/6.732-pt2.pdf
Format: Ps, Pdf
Category: Solid State Physics
Pages: 198
Clicks: 1289

Contents: Review of Fundamental Relations for Optical Phenomena; Drude Theory{Free Carrier Contribution to the Optical Properties; Interband Transitions; The Joint Density of States and Critical Points; Absorption of Light in Solids; Optical Properties of Solids Over a Wide Frequency Range; Impurities and Excitons; Luminescence and Photo conductivity; Optical Study of Lattice Vibrations; Non-Linear Optics; Electron Spectroscopy and Surface Science; Amorphous Semiconductors; Time Dependent Perturbation Theory; Harmonic Oscillators, Phonons, and the Electron-Phonon Interaction.

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