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DATA plus DESIGN: A simple introduction to preparing and visualizing information

Author: DATA plus DESIGN: A simple introduction to preparing and visual
Url: http://orm-atlas2-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/pdf/13a07b19e01a397d8855c0463d52f454.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 2015
Category: Data Visualization
Pages: 299
Clicks: 26

My favorite description of data visualization comes from the prolific blogger, Maria Data are all around us and always have been. Everything throughout history has always had the potential to be quantified: theoretically, one could count every hu‐ man who has ever lived, every heartbeat that has ever beaten, every step that was ever taken, every star that has ever shone, every word that has ever been uttered or written. Each of these collective things can be represented by a number. But on‐ ly recently have we had the technology to efficiently surface these hidden num‐ bers, leading to greater insight into our human condition. Popova, who said that data visualization is “at the intersection of art and algo‐ rithm.” To learn about the history of data visualization is to become an armchair cartographer, explorer, and statistician.

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