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Theory of Jets in Deep Inelastic Scattering

Author: E. Mirkes
Url: http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/hep-ph/9711224
Format: Ps, Pdf
Category: Experimental
Clicks: 1283

The large center of mass energy and increasing statistical precision for a wide range of hadronic final state observables at the HERA lepton-proton collider has provided a detailed testing ground for QCD dynamics. Fully flexible next-to-leading order calculations are mandatory on the theoretical side for such tests and will be discussed in detail. Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for one- and two-jet cross sections in deep inelastic scattering with complete neutral current ($gamma^ast$ and/or $Z$) and charged current ($W^pm$) exchange together with leading order results for three- and four-jet final states are presented. The theoretical framework, based on the phase space slicing method and the use of universal crossing functions, is described in detail. All analytical formulae necessary for the next-to-leading order calculations are provided. The numerical results are based on the fully differential $ep o n$ jets event generator docuname which allows to analyze any infrared and collinear safe observable and general cuts in terms of parton 4-momenta. 121 pages.

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