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Topology Course Lecture Notes

Author: Aisling McCluskey and Brian McMaster
Url: http://at.yorku.ca/i/a/a/b/23.htm
Format: Html, Ps, Dvi
Category: Topology
Pages: 52
Clicks: 1880

Topology Course Lecture Notes: Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts Describing Topological Spaces; Closed sets and Closure; Continuity and Homeomorphism; Additional Observations. Chapter 2: Topological Properties Compactness; Other Covering Conditions; Connectedness; Separability. Chapter 3: Convergence The Failure of Sequences; Nets - A Kind of `Super-Sequence'; First Countable Spaces - Where Sequences Suffice. Chapter 4: Product Spaces Constructing Products; Products and Topological Properties. Chapter 5: Separation Axioms T1 Spaces; T2 (Hausdorff) Spaces; T3 Spaces; T3 1/2 Spaces; T4 Spaces.

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